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    Pixi photos

    I had photos taken at Pixi photos at Myer Eastland when DD1 was 6 months old (she's now 4). I wanted to get pretty much exactly
    the same shots done for the twins. But Pixi photos is now caput.

    I know they were cookie cutter, but that was kind of the appeal - you knew exactly what you were getting. I did want somewhere with a studio as opposed to the kiosk-in-the-middle-of-the-shops style. Can anyone recommend similar or do you think I actually have to go to a photographer?

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    Apr 2008

    There are pop up photo places in Sydney that are called Flash! Take beautiful photos without all the fussiness and are really affordable. You can buy a photo for $35 as a digital copy so you have the rights to reproduce. You get a heaps to choose from or you can get the set. Look them up online.

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    I would consider looking into a small local photographer, perhaps even one who's just starting out and building their portfolio. You often get really great prices and their photo quality is still great! They aren't flat out and fully booked so they're able to pay more attention to detail, rather than get you in & get you out as quick as possible. Lots work from their own home, or will go to your home

    Photographers will pretty much try any setup/pose you suggest... so take along your p!xi shots for inspiration