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Thread: 2010: Chinese Astrology Year of the Tiger (Metal)

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    Default 2010: Chinese Astrology Year of the Tiger (Metal)

    So who is a Tiger?

    Tiger Years:

    02/17/1950 to 02/05/1951 (Metal)
    02/05/1962 to 01/24/1963 (Water)
    01/23/1974 to 02/10/1975 (Wood)
    02/09/1986 to 01/28/1987 (Fire)
    01/28/1998 to 02/15/1999 (Earth)
    02/14/2010 to 02/02/2011 (Metal)

    According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, which begins on February 14, 2010 and ends on February 2, 2011. The Tiger is the third sign in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 animal signs. It is a sign of courage. This fearless and fiery fighter is revered by the ancient Chinese as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts.
    The Sign of the Tiger

    Courageous, active, and self-assured. Optimistic, passionate and independent. Rebellious, dynamic, and unpredictable. Quick tempered but considerate. Affectionate but careless. The Tiger is a natural born leader and symbolizes power, passion and daring.

    People born in the Year of the Tiger are generally well liked because of their charming personalities. Often, failing at a given task or being unproductive in his personal or professional life can cause a Tiger to experience a deep depression. Criticism from loved ones can also generate this type of Tiger reaction.

    Tigers are fond of competitions. They simply cannot pass up a challenge. They may appear cool and are unpredictable, and it would be unwise to underestimate their reactions. Natural leaders, they have a strong sense of their own dignity. They are intelligent, alert, and farsighted. Good strategists and tacticians, they often have a hidden agenda. As long as they do not risk their luck too often, and keep their restless nature under control, they will enjoy success and happiness.

    People born in the Year of the Tiger are straightforward and uninhibited in nature. They will never give up no matter how frustrated they may become. But, they are also full of suspicion and sometimes will take hasty action.

    They must be aware of how they react to and are affected by the consequences of their tempers. They should take it a little easier and learn to pace themselves to keep active longer and to prevent early burnout. They are blessed with flexibility and often recover quickly from illness or pain.

    Some people born in the Year of the Tiger are gentle and full of sympathy. They are kind, love babies and anything that arouses their imagination. Others can be stubborn and selfish. Generally speaking, people born in the Year of the Tiger are fond of playing, and full of enthusiasm and sentiment. Some are mercurial. They can laugh happily one moment, and cry the next. They will be optimistic, but at the next they will lose their heart totally.

    People born in the Year of the Tiger take pride in being different than others, and generally illustrate their originality best in their homes. Their homes are usually filled with exotic treasures. They are fast learners, need challenge and often work alone. Some tend to change careers more often because they get bored easily. They are natural born leaders and perform best if working towards positions of power and influence. They like to spend money, and also to share it. They can be quite impulsive spenders because they know they can always make more.

    It is interesting that their two main features are rashness and hesitation, a pair of contradictions. If they know how to relax and do things according to the situation, they can become quite successful.

    Famous Tiger People: Agatha Christie, Crystal Gayle, Cybill Shepherd, Demi Moore, Diana Rigg, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Hilary S****, Jodie Foster, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Queen of Scots, Norma Shearer, Penelope Cruz, Queen Elizabeth II, Rosie O'Donnell, and Tom Cruise.
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    I'm a Fire Tiger.

    LOL I'll thank you all not to agree with the temper side of me (not that any of you have seen it ).

    It was *fun* (sarcasm) growing up with my dad, who is also a Tiger. My grandmother is also a Tiger, and she told me no man ever wants to marry a Tiger wife because we're too strong. Ha, I showed her hehehe.

    Rashness and hesitation... the two things that frustrate Shel... I love to be airy and flighty and inpulsive (I'm a Libran too) but I hesitate so often too. Ah, the little quirks we all have. Seriously though, it drives her mad. I'll have to show her this, maybe she'll be more understanding? hahahahaha

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    My pa's a Tiger, my dad's a Tiger, I'm a Tiger (as is DH), and the baby will be a Tiger I'm quite happy about that! If the trend continues, I should be getting a grandchild in 2034

    They are kind, love babies and anything that arouses their imagination.
    Well that fits me to a tee, doesn't it?

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    I'm a wood tiger

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    Fire tiger here too - Leo as well. People always found that interesting.

    I do relate to a lot of the above hehe.

    Temper.. Hrm. No comment?!

    Its a bit sad this little one won't be a tiger, would have made the household interesting.

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