Finally had the time and interest to do a reading for myself last night, with some dragon cards that I had been given a few years ago. Every psychic and metaphsical bone has been turned off in me, due to personal stress and ill-health. I hope now is the time for it to start coming back on. We are in the process of making a tree-change, and while we were in tree-town last week looking at potential rentals, I went into the crystal shop, "just for a look" while we were waiting for a friend to have lunch with. The lady in the shop and I started talking after I said that I kept breaking my crystal jewellery (I was looking at amber). She also said that she saw "arts and crafts, or me doing something arty and crafty with my hands. Was I an artist? Am I angry at something I can't do because I have children?" Well, no, I don't think so. I don't think of what I can't really do, but would like to find to find the time to start doing my wire work again (didn't mention that though). To cut a long story short, she seemed to have good vision, and seems to be helping me to get back on the path of my journey.

So, last night, I thought I would just ask "if I would regain my psychic abilities", and did a simple three card spread of Situation, Challenge, and Outcome. Now bear in mind, that this is my first tarot card reading.

First card, Situation, was King of Wands. Brief description; "a charming leader who is energetic, honest, diplomatic, and generous... tend toward too trusting... naturally loyal... the person you should turn to for help " etc etc. Do I read this as a description of me at the moment? That's how I took it, but as a novice, I'm not sure if that's right. And besides, it sounds too nice to be me.

Second card, Challenge, was Three of Wands. Brief description; "success and recognition are yours for the taking. Therefore, this is a good time for beginning new long-term enterprizes, especially in the fields of arts and crafts, although it may be some time before the financial rewards come... meanwhile simply enjoy exercising your talents and have faith that others will equally enjoy what you do". There it is again, arts and crafts. Does reading cards come under arts and crafts? I'd have thought that the long term enterprize could be the move to tree-town, but it doesn't seem to fit here. Maybe getting my abilities to the point that I gain 'financial reward' from reading cards?

Third card, Outcome, was V(5) The Hierophant. Brief description; "Tradition, Community, Charity, Conservatism... providing comfort, security, the wisdom of the ages... generosity in other's time of need are among the many virtues... but inflexibilty can negate these virtues... too great a reverance for the past can become hostility toward all change... then symbolises an obstacle to growth... or symbolise marriage or lasting union" etc. Am I likely to have a 'lasting union' of my 'arts and crafts' (card reading), and be all these lovely things the Hierophant is described as? Or will I be stuck in the past and inflexible?

Why would the exact words of "art and craft" come up in my cards? The first thing I thought of when the crystal lady mentioned it was wire working, but then later though it could have referred to cooking (after all, that's doing something creative?). And when I first became interested in wire working, I was hoping to do well enough at it to sell my items, and perhaps some other things, like handmade soaps, etc. As well as doing card readings. Related?

Feedback would be most appreciated.