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    had a reading done before??
    I have had 1 and it was surprisingly accurate
    I would love to get another done sometime soon

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    The Man and I went and got one done together at an event once. The lady read us one at a time (but we both sat there) and then when she started to read us together, she apologised and said that she had to stop, as we were too much for her to be able to deal with. Up until that point she had been accurate, and she was able to say that the two of us went a long way back together, even before we met this time. We think that too, but can't figure it out ourselves.
    We have had another psychic person (an ex-friend) tell us that when we are together, we are very powerful and very overwhelming. So, we'd like to get a reading done together, but we have to find someone who has the confidence (and strength it seems).

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