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Thread: Was it just a dream or a msg from my best friend we lost 17 years ago????? Confused.

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    Default Was it just a dream or a msg from my best friend we lost 17 years ago????? Confused.

    Hi all I have to get this out of my system and hopefully get some advice in return as this dream has been playing on my mind now for 3 days since having it. 17 years ago now I lost my very very dear friend whom was murdered at the young age of 20. This as you can imagine broke my heart extremely. But since her passing every now and then I have dreams about her where we are together like we used to be laughing and just having a great time. I truly feel in my heart that it is her sending me a msg letting me know she is still there for me in her spirit. But to cut a very long story short 3 nights ago now I had another dream about my dear friend and as usual we were talking laughing and having fun then all of a sudden she hands me a baby. My DF and I have been TTC since early 2009 and we suffered a MC in April this year but we are now back TTC again. Late last week I also had another dream where I had given birth to a very beautiful little boy and was worried I couldn't BF him as my milk hadnt come in yet. I'm feeling very confused right now and would love for somebody to give me some advice if they know anything about dream interpretations. I am so hoping that we will get PG soon and hope that these dreams are a sign of what is coming our way.
    Thanks for reading and a huge thank you in advance for any advice please.

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    I lost my mother a decade ago. She came to me in dreams and through those dreams, i was able to come to terms with her loss. Babies in dreams can mean babies or they can mean you are 'giving life to a new project'.

    My first reaction to your dream was that it was your friend coming back, to let you know not to give up on the TTC front and that the lack of milk coming in is a real concern for any new mum.

    Maybe it's not so much your milk not coming in, but maybe it's more that you have concerns of nuturing/caring looking after your baby when they do arrive? (if that makes sense?) - and these are all natural/normal concerns.

    Your friend is coming to you because she loves you and wants you to work through some of the emotional side of TTC/having babies.

    This is just my feeling about what your dream meant. I'm not expert on dream interpretation.

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