thread: Abraham Hicks on Autism - Love It!

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    Abraham Hicks on Autism - Love It!

    Every time I watch this, WOW! I love it.
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    Has me in tears...

    To my beautiful Big Boy... You need not change a hair for me....

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    Jun 2005

    If you really want to know how to help a child with Autism, this video is fantastic. Two hours well spent, but even the first 10mins is mindblowing.

    A great quote from Dr Klinghardt from his presentation:

    "There aint such a thing as Indigo Children. This is all a way of rationalising that we screwed these children up and we try to make it something sacred so we don't have to do anything about it. These are children that we hurt really, really badly"

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    This series of videos is also essential to really understand Autism.

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    i can't seem to get the first video to work?