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    Sunscreen Help

    DS has some sensory issues and will not wear sunscreen for love nor money. Creams, lotions or anything that goes on his skin. Now that it's starting to heat up, he needs to wear it (on kindy days at least as they play outside between 12 and 2pm). I've tried creams, milks, gels and sprays to no avail. He could wear a rashie to cover his arms (under duress, but I'm pretty sure I can get him into one ), and always has a hat on, but it doesn't cover the back of his neck or his face adequately, which are his most sensitive areas. The UV index here is crazy high, and I'm not prepared to let him go without.

    We will ask the OT at our appointment, but in the meantime...Any ideas or tips? TIA

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    You can get hats that have a flap at the back to protect neck

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    Of course! Thank you! He has one from last Summer - wonder if it still fits...

    Still after ideas for getting sunscreen on...

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    I don't have any particular experience in sensory issues and I'm sure you've tried most things by the sound of it. Would it be better if he applied it himself? I spray mine onto DS1 and he then has to rub it in. At kindy, they give them a dollop in their hands and they have to rub it in themselves too.

    I often apply sunscreen when the kids are strapped into their car seats.

    Other sun protective gear could include wearing a polo shirt and perhaps sunglasses and a really really wide brimmed hat.

    I'd also talk to the kindy about moving outside time. 12-2 is a really high UV time! My kindy has outside time from 8:30-10:30am in Qld summer.

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    I have two kids with this same issue. We tried heaps of different brands and the cancer council one was their choice (smelt the least, felt the least oily and soaked in the fastest). We tell them no sun cream means you can't go outside and eventually they usually give in begrudgingly. Perhaps desensitising them a little first might work. I have two kids that were horrible with socks and shoes. We were told to hold their foot in your hand and use pressure firmly holding for about 10 seconds. Perhaps if you did that on their arm and then put the cream on their arm it might work? Or ask an occupational therapist for some ideas? Skin brushing might even be useful ask its great for desensitising for clothing, etc. Good luck - I still dread summer for sun cream - almost as much as winter and jumpers!

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    I have asked DS if he wants to put the sunscreen on himself, but he's usually already done the bolt or starts the meltdown before I even get the sentence out, so is in no frame of mind to take in what's being said to him.

    We tried sunnies, which he got really excited about, wore for 5 mins then ripped them off and refused to wear them again. We've told him we will try sunnies again soon though, and he seems open to the idea (he's a little light sensitive too).

    Because its 3yo kindy, its only 2.5hrs and one of those days is 12-2:30pm. I'll definitely be saying something next year at 'big' kindy if they take the kids out in the heat of the day.

    Sorka - if I can get close enough, the pressure might work...changing the way we touch has helped with other sensitivities. Will ask the OT at our appointment this week.
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    I use the aerosol spray neurtrogena one. It is very thin and if you spray it on your hands first and wipe it on them then it is gone almost straight away and does't feel greasy. My DS refuses all others but is happy to do the aerosol.