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    DS is just short of 6 months and this last week we've been giving him some finger foods to see what he would do with them. Turns out he's chowing down on them and there is plenty coming out the other end too! My question is about how many meals to offer, when you read about purees it says when they are eating x amount once a day, then give them two meals and so on.

    But what about BLS? Do you offer 3 meals from the start or build up? And if you build up, how do you know when it's time to offer an extra meal?

    Thanks heaps!

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    I started on baby mush and then read about BLS. I'd say feed him as much as he's keen to eat. They're all different at this age. I've got friends who's babies eat loads of food at 6 months and our 7 month old just isn't that interested in food. She has some cereal for breakfast, avacodo on toast soldiers and yoghurt for lunch and some steamed vegies and grated apple for dinner, but rarely finishes it all. Well, today anyway.

    If he's really keen, then feed the little man! He'll let you know if he's had enough.
    I started on 1 meal/day (breakfast), then introduced dinner (more as part of a bedtime routine) and recently added lunch.

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    I offered both of my girls food from our meals at the same time (although DD1 had dinner earlier for a long time, we didn't have the time with DD2, so she just has to wait for us!). Basically they just got a bit of whatever I was eating and could have as much as they wanted. Simple.

    I also offer morning and afternoon tea (we usually have fruit).

    To start with, both of mine mostly played with the food. By 7 1/2 mths DD1 started gobbling it up, DD2 is more adventurous and started actually eating earlier, but eats less ITMS.

    It can vary from meal to meal and day to day how much they eat too. Now DD2 gets stroppy for food and won't be settled with a breastfeed, but bfing still makes up a major part of her diet. I never did purees, but I spoonfeed yoghurt, mashed potatoes and things like that.

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