thread: BLW - when did your LO eat more, +Q about Breastfeeding

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    BLW - when did your LO eat more, +Q about Breastfeeding

    My DS is 7 months today and we have been doing BLW since he turned 6 months. We started him off on spoon feeding from 5 months but he was refusing the spoon due to teething just before 6 months.
    He has been liking and tasting foods, practicing bringing hit to his mouth and sometimes he does swallow bits. But not nearly like he was truly eating.

    I know the food is just for fun till one, so pls no nasty comments, but I am just interested to see when we can expect DS to start eating more and did your LO start eating more, when did it click?

    Also, I am still breastfeeding and he is on 7 BFs in a 24 hr period atm. Do I start nightweaning now or wait a bit longer till he eats more? Im really confused. There is not a lot of info out there when it comes to BLW and BF. I know spoonfed babies drop milk feeds once they eat a decent amount. DS wakes up once or twice a night for a feed/cramps in his tummy I can only settle him with a BF.

    Also when he is 12 months I will need to return to work and he will be in daycare for 4 days a week. I was hoping to BF till at least 12 months but possibly longer. Do you think he will have dropped some milk feed by then?

    any advice for those mums who did BLW?


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    Re: BLW - when did your LO eat more, +Q about Breastfeeding


    DS is 16 months and his solid intake is still quite low in comparison to his sister at the same age. He will go in spells of nope, don't want any food to phases of trying anything he spots. He has a few favourites that will usually entice him but generally his solid foods are low. DD on the other hand was obviously consuming good amounts of food at this age. By 9 months you could see how well she ate. So they are all so different, it really is hard to say! But at 7 months, you are right, it is just fun and experimenting.

    DS would also be on 7+ feeds a day still. If you can only settle him with a breastfeed through the night then that is what you do, as long as you are happy to do so. It makes everything so much less stressful and everyone is happy. If he wants and you are willing then I say go ahead he will grow out of waking through the night when he is developmentally ready and at 7 months that is (generally) quite a while off yet.

    DS hasn't dropped feeds at 16 months, well he has but only down to 7-9 a day. DD at the same age was having maybe 4. You could always express for when you are away if you would like him to still have BM or if he doesn't feed through the day while in care he may compensate through the evening and night. Have a think about how you guys want to make the transition so that you can ask questions and trial things before you are back at work. Less stress for him as well as you

    Well done on 7 months. A great achievement so far!