: Lara or Georgia?

  • Lara Isabel

    17 36.96%
  • Georgia Grace

    29 63.04%

thread: FINALLY!! I think we have a name!

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    Apr 2009
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    Smile FINALLY!! I think we have a name!

    After locking DH in the house for 3 hours!! I think we have finally narrowed down our names for our bub#2 (girl) to:

    Georgia Grace M (2 syllables)
    Lara Isabel M

    So I am going to do a poll and see which way it sways before I put my foot down on the name.

    Thank you for all your help with the 50, 000 posts I have done with naming this little princess.

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    Dec 2008

    I voted Lara Isobel but actually prefer Lara Grace. Sorry I'm not much help am i?

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    Feb 2007

    LOL, I like the sound of Lara Grace too! But I voted Lara Isabel

    Both names you have chosen sound lovely, you can't go wrong

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    Sep 2005
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    I voted Georia Grace because it flows much better than Lara Isobel, but love Tink's idea of Lara Grace, cos I much prefer Lara.

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    Sep 2008

    Love both names, but am going for Georgia Grace.

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    Nov 2008

    Georgia Grace for me - very cute but stylish and beautiful. Our niece is Georgia and she is such a beautiful girl

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    Oct 2007
    Outer South East Melbourne :)

    I voted Georgia Grace - just beautiful

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    Aug 2008

    I voted Lara Isabel - but I am thrilled that ym suggestion is in the final two! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    I voted Georgia Grace as a friend just recently had a bubs & used that exact name & it's sooo pretty & flows very nice! I just love it!

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    Oct 2007

    Why not wait till she's born and see which suits her best?

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    Nov 2006

    I voted Lara Isobel but do like Georgia Grace - I know 3 Georgia Grace's though so think it migh tbe more common!

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    smiles4u Guest

    Thumbs up

    Another fan of Lara Isabel here

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    Aug 2009
    Melbourne, Vic

    Lara Isabel is beautiful.

    And it is a little less common than Georgia although Georgia and Grace are gorgeous names

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    Jun 2006
    Where the sun shines brightly!

    I voted Lara Isobel but actually prefer Lara Grace. Sorry I'm not much help am i?
    My thoughts exactly!! I love Lara - its less common than Georgia these days too.

    Good luck deciding.