: Which do you like better

  • Zoe Ella Sophia

    4 8.51%
  • Zoe Ella Rose

    16 34.04%
  • Zoe Sophia Rose

    27 57.45%
  • Zoe Ella Sophia Rose

    0 0%

thread: Which sounds better/nicer?

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    Aug 2009
    jervis bay

    Which sounds better/nicer?

    Just wanting opinions on which you think sounds better.
    I know it is officially mine and DFs choice (not that he has had any input yet lol)

    Last name is only short(4 letters) starting with d.

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Voted!!! :-)

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    Of your options I liked the Zoe Sophia Rose best followed closely by Zoe Ella Rose.

    Though I have to admit I find the use of 2 middle names (or more) a bit weird as usually only the first middle name or initial gets used. My hubby has 3 middle names and he never uses the other two only the first.

    Good luck hun

    Nae x

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    Nov 2008
    Melbourne, VIC

    I agree with Nae Nae - I had four names (first, last and two middles) for most of my life and it is difficult. Because my second last name was Dad's surname, I found my first two names kept getting hyphenated and I spent a lot of time telling people my name was Lisa NOT Lisa-Jane. When I got married, I dropped both "surnames" and took DH's name - I find three names so much easier!

    I voted for Zoe Sophia Rose because I think going from one vowel sound to another doesn't roll off the tongue as easily.

    All of the above said that's completely my opinion - it's absolutely yours and DF's choice - and I think you've picked some gorgeous names

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    Feb 2008
    Country Victoria

    Im not a huge fan of the 2 middle names either. It just looks way too long. But i voted anyway

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    Jan 2006

    Given that DH, DS and I all have two middle names, I like that. And I use all three given names quite a lot. (All three names is DS's "good boy" name, so he loves it too.)

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    Dec 2005

    All my kids have 2 middle names and its never been a problem

    I vote Zoe Sophia Rose.

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    Jul 2011
    Sunshine Coast

    Short last names are hard, I think! If anything can take 2 middle names I think it's when you have a short last name (DP's is 3 letters starting with F).

    I like Sophia in the mix somewhere. I think 3 syllables gives it a nice flow when you have shorter names either side.

    Good luck!

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    Jul 2007

    I have 2 middles names and wante dto do same for kids but DH did not want too.

    I voted for Zoe Sophia Rose as I think it is very pretty and flows nicely.

    Good luck xoxo