thread: Cant find the right product.

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    May 2008
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    Cant find the right product.

    Hi. Im trying to work out which sling I used to have for dd2 but can remember the name of it. Done a fair bit of googleing etc. All I can find are the ones you have to wrap around yourself. I had one that was already sort of pre-made inthe right shape. You just put it on over your head. It was a stretchy fabric that crossed over you back and there was a separate piece of material that you put round the middle.
    If anyone knows the brand id love to know. Thanks.

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    Re: Cant find the right product.

    I know of stretchy wraps like hug a bub, but they aren't pre tied... not sure sorry

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    Re: Cant find the right product.

    Was it the Caboo? (Used to be called Close Carrier)

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    Re: Cant find the right product.

    Is it a Baby K'Tan? Sounds like what you're describing....