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Thread: 10 month old not sleeping

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    Default 10 month old not sleeping

    My wife and I are new to the forum hoping we can find a solution for this, but the biggest problem we are having is around 2 am, he will wake up and be active and ready to go like it is 7am, and he will not go back to sleep until around 4 am. He has a 8 ounce bottle before he goes to sleep, naps fine throughout the day, eats regualr like he should as well. We have tried everything we possibly can, does anyone have any advice for this at all?

    My wife and I are looking forward to reading all the stories that ya'll have on here and are glad we found the website.


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    What are his days sleeps like? How many and for how long?

    What do you do when he wakes? Feed him, or rock him?

    Sorry for all the questions, just wondering how to help!

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    We have the same problem with our nearly 10mth old daughter too.

    She refuses to sleep before 830pm/9pm (last night it was 11pm!!!! ) and when she finally does get to sleep, she still wakes every 3 or 4hrs..... we are sooo tired.
    Feel like we have a newborn again.
    Her day sleeps aren't that great either like yesterday she only slept 1hr total all day
    Pulling our hair out here.....

    Looking forward to hearing other stories and possible advice too.

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