thread: 14 Month old son

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    Jan 2015

    14 Month old son

    Hi All
    my 14 month old son is very clingy to me and most members of my family. If my neighbors or someone new comes close to him he cries like mad and hangs on for dear life.
    The same happens when we go to the doctor or go out anywhere such as a cafe when others come close to him.
    Is this a phase they go through?

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    Re: 14 Month old son

    I think it is a phase. My DS is almost 14 months and he now gets shy around people he doesn't know very well. He used to go to anyone and smile and chat away to all strangers but now if someone he doesn't know tries to talk to him his head drops down and he won't make eye contact and if he isn't in a trolley or pram he will come to me to be picked up.

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    Re: 14 Month old son

    My kids went through this at about the same age. It took a little while but it passed.

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    Re: 14 Month old son

    My son is 14 months old also and is going through a similar thing. We have found if someone gets down to his level to play he's ok, but he cries if they try to pick him up.
    It's just a phase, my older son went through it too. From what I remember it got better at closer to 18 months.

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    Re: 14 Month old son

    I believe it's a phase, and a personality thing. My DD went through it in a big way, but she was always quite shy, she took a very long time to get used to people and open up. Now that she's 3.5 she's very outgoing.

    DS is 15 months, and he's always been a very open kid, happy to go to anyone. He is a bit more wary of strangers at the moment, and will run at me with his arms up if he's unsure of someone. He's giving out the hugs and kisses a little less freely lol. If he's anything like DD though, I expect it will pass.