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    My 9 month old is currently going through a sleep regression & is refusing his afternoon sleep.

    He definitely still needs the afternoon sleep. By bedtime he is so exhausted that he is a complete nightmare to get down.

    Ive tried shushing & patting, cuddling, pick up put down, rocking, breastfeeding, baby wearing, the pram - none of it works.

    Patting may possibly work (normally does) if he wasnt constantly sitting or pulling up. What do i do about this? If i lie him back down every time id be doing it literally every two seconds - ive barely laid him down before he's up again.

    The only way he will have an afternoon sleep now is in the car. This is NOT a habit i wish to start as i dont drive (dh is currently home but will be returning to work soon).

    How on earth do i get him down for an afternoon sleep? Please note im not interested in CC or CIO methods.

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    Cut down on the morning sleep? Maybe wake baby earlier from the previous nap? If baby is just starting to cruise or crawl, there's a lot of exploring to do and sleep is unattractive for a few days.

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