thread: Baby words

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    Apr 2009

    My DS1 calls my DS2 Li-ma instead of Li-am! Hehe

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    Jan 2009
    In my own little fantasy world

    gobbles for goggles
    cop-car for helicopter

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    Sep 2009

    nogs = thongs
    melmo = elmo
    tinger = finger

    There are a few others I can't remember.

    I really don't want her to start saying things properly, they sound so cute now.

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    Aug 2008
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    Baby girl has just started to say mumma. It confused her for a day or two cause its a similar sound to a kiss, mwahh- so today she has decided to just use 1word for both mmmwaaah with her bottom lip pouted. She thinks its funny -probably cause its doubled her amount of kisses she gets.
    And we are getting noises for animals. Wooa for dog and mmaow for cat, she jiggles up and down for rabbits

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    Aug 2008

    DD1 has quite a few, not that I can remember them right now. My favourite is what she calls her godmother. Her name is Llainey (pronounced la-laney with a short la) but DD1 calls her yayas. So cute!

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