: birth weight and subsequent babies

  • My babies got bigger each time

    10 35.71%
  • Second baby was smaller than the first

    10 35.71%
  • Second baby smaller, then subsequent babies were bigger

    3 10.71%
  • None of the above - my babies were all over the place

    5 17.86%

thread: Consecutive babies bigger than older siblings?

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    Feb 2005
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    Consecutive babies bigger than older siblings?

    I've heard from a few people that their 2nd babies were bigger at birth than their first (talking about full-term babies 38-42 weeks gestation) and that 3rd were generally bigger again.

    Is this quite common, or have many of you had 2nd babes smaller than your 1st?

    This could be an interesting poll if there are any moderators out there who could set one up?

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    Dec 2005
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    Yes and no, it all depends really. But its mostly just anecdotal evidence and no real 'proof' kwim? In my case however, my second bubs was smaller and then the third and fourth were bigger again. (DS 4.18, DD 3.85, DD 4.32 and DS 4.56). was told though that if #2 was a girl, then she could be smaller than my first.

    I can set up a poll if you like, just out of curiosity.
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    Jan 2006

    I only have a sample size of two, but no. 2 was smaller than no. 1. Flynn (no. 1)was 3.9kg and Oliver was 3.89 - a whole 10 grams less. It was all in head size - they were the same length but Flynn's head was 2cm bigger in circumference.

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    Nov 2004
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    My two were almost exactly the same (3.5kg, 3.75kg)

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    Jul 2006

    DD1 was 3385 grams 48cm long HC 34cm born at 39w4d
    DD2 was 3535 grams 52cm long HC 34.5cm born at 40w5d

    So between # 1and #2:

    Weight was 150grams more
    Length was 4cm more
    HC was .5cm more
    8 days difference in dates
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    Sep 2005
    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    my second was 15oz smaller but a week earlier

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    Jul 2004

    #1 was 4.29kg
    #2 was 4.1kg

    So my 2nd was a little smaller.

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    My 1st was 3lb 12oz. - but born at 32 weeks gestation
    2nd was 6lb 9oz - born 38 weeks
    3rd was 8lb 13oz - born 39 weeks 4 days

    My excuse for not having a fourth is that if I follow the trend, number 4 will be over 10 pounds and overdue!!!! Not very tempting

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    Nov 2005
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    My first was 6lb14oz, 20.5 inches, born at 40+1, second was 7lb10oz, 21.5inches born at 39+1, and third was 7lb8oz, 20.5 inches, born at 40+1. We're fairly steady, I guess. For me, it matches fairly closely the amount of weight I put on during pregnancy - the least with DD1, more with DD2, and slightly less than before with DD3.
    My mother had 8 babies, all around 7.5 lb. The heaviest was her fourth, which was just over 8lb.

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    Oct 2007
    Ever so slowly going crazy...

    Jayden.. 7lb 6oz
    Mason ...8lb 10oz
    Zavier....8lb 4oz
    Kane.....8lb 13oz
    All right on full term.

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    Jan 2005
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    Mason was 7lb8oz and 51cm
    Angus was 7lb2oz and 49cm
    Caleb was 7lb8oz and 53cm.

    Not much difference really!

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    Mar 2007

    DD1 was 7lb13oz
    DD2 was 7lb6oz
    DD1 was 9 days overdue, DD2 was 3 days overdue. They were the same length and i cant remember about the HC.

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    Dec 2005
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    Cricket, it's interesting to hear you mention your weight gain during pg - I was the opposite and put on less weight with my biggest and the most weight with my smallest. For me even their length increased with their size too.

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    hmm.. there needs to be a 'second baby was bigger than the first'... coz the first option makes it sound like I have lots of babies! hehe

    I know you wanted full term babies.. but I figure mine counts even tho she was prem LOL.

    DS was 6lb at 37 weeks
    DD was 7lb 14oz at 34 weeks

    bit scared if we go for #3 and it's full term! LOL

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    Jul 2005
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    Yep, my births confirm the theory that each baby gets bigger.

    DD 7'10" born at 42 weeks
    DS 8'8" born at 41 weeks
    DS 9'0 born at 37 weeks (that was amazing!)

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    May 2004

    Mine got progressively smaller...

    From 4200g with DD#1 to 3370g with dd#4

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    Feb 2005
    Boyne Island

    Ds1 8lb 13oz - 39 weeks
    Ds2 9lb 14oz - 37 weeks
    Ds3 8lb 9oz - 38 weeks
    DD1 6lb 12oz - 36 weeks

    All with Gestational diabetes so I think that made a difference as well

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    Sep 2006
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    Mine got bigger by a little.

    dd#1 - 10pnd 5
    dd#2 - 10pnd 6

    God help me if i have a third and i hope it is not a boy as i am thinking he will be huge!

    Hope that helps.



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