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Thread: cough that wont quit?

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    Default cough that wont quit?

    hi all just wondering if any of you hve experienced this before, not sure if i should take Archie to the dr or not...

    Nearly a month ago now he started to have this dry cough, mainly at night and first thing in the morning, often coughing to the point of gagging. there is no wheeze so im thinking its not asthmatic (DH and I are asthmatics), its not chesty so not an infection.

    One thing it could be is from his silent reflux which is always worse at night cause he is laying down, maybe the acid risies up his throat and causes him to choke and have a coughing fit?? His reflux has been worse for the last month.

    or could it be just some viral thing that he is finding hard to shake cause he isn't getting a decent amount of sleep?????

    Any advice would be great.

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    Hi Elissa,

    My DD had this for a little while. The cough was residual to a cold she had had. It could be that Archie is just having difficulty shaking the cough from an illness. The colder air at night and in the morning can be enough to stimulate a cough - especially if he is breathing through his mouth. When we breath through our nose, the air is warmed up before it reaches the lungs. When we breath through our mouth, the air doens't get that same warming and so tempreture contrast can cause a cough.
    Having said that, if the cough has been persistent for a few weeks, I would probably get it checked out just to be sure it hasn't (or won't) develop into something bigger.



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