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    Cranky toddler

    DS2 (age 22 months) is generally pretty happy & spends some time each day playing independently. But the last month or two he has just been cranky whenever we are at home (he is happy if I take him to a park, to the library, etc). He has had a couple of colds - so I understand him being cranky at those times - but now he just seems to be generally grumpy. He wants my attention all the time, cries/tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, follows me around crying at me... It's wearing pretty thin! I feel sorry for DS1 (age 4.5), because I often can't hear him over his brother & DS2 gets upset as soon as I start to play with DS1. Is this just normal?? Any suggestions for entertaining the two kids at the same time (without spending all day outside...)?

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    Hehe sounds like my boys. Sibling rivalry might be kicking in, along with the age.
    I found semi-directing helps. Given tasks to do, whether helpful or playful gives them a sense of achievement and some structure. Roaming around the house trying to find something to do is not good day after day.
    Perhaps you could make a schedule, loose or strict. That would help you and you'll know both boys are having some mummy time.
    I find it so easy to rush everything and not give proper attention to anything if i don't have a rough schedule for the day.
    Its awesome that you are taking them to the park. So good for them to have fresh air and learn how their bodys work- running jumping etc. your doing a great job

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