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    my dd is 7 months old and has been crawling for 2ish months, she has just started to pull up onto furnature, people, pillows, anything really and she can stand up and walk along stuff too. the problem is she keeps falling over and hitting her head/face/arm/chest/everthing on the floor or the thing she is leaning on. even if i am there right next to her she still manages to fall and hurt herself. what can i do about this. i like the fact that she can get practice doing it so i dont want to put the stuff away but i dont want her to get hurt and i dont want to have to sit with her the whole day!! any suggestions...

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    Not too much that you can do unfortunately other then to try and barricade anything off that you know is really dangerous and close doors.

    Just this evening Alexander went for a mighty stack/face plant on our tiles- he was crawling way too fast for his own good and his hands slipped from under him . Almost immediately he came out in a bruise and a big egg lump on his forehead and cried and cried. But within 10 mins he was back crawling just as fast. As much as we dont like to see them hurt themselves it is how they learn.

    Just be aware of the potentially really dangerous things which will hurt your dd like the bath or corners of tables etc. Otherwise good luck with it all.

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    Sounds like Charlie.......he didn't crawl till he was around 10 months, and a year later he is STILL covered in cuts and bruises.....he walks and runs competently now, but is so over-keen on getting into everything, he comes a cropper all the time, even when I have my eagle eye on him a lot of the time!

    From my experience with him, and I do consider myself a fairly cautious and protective parent, I reckon there is not an awful lot you can do, apart from ensure that they are guarded from REALLY dangerous situations.

    If it is any consolation, I notice that Charlie rarely (never) makes the same mistake twice. For example, he tried to come down our steps to our house without letting me hold his hand, fell over, got a cut lip and a big egg on his forehead........but a week later and now he is totally comfortable with HOW to get down the steps without falling and without me guiding I figure it all a painful learning process for Mummy and child!

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    Tori is the same, she falls over quite a bit,I think it is just part of learning to crawl/walk. Just yesterday she was playing on the carpet and I was sitting at the dining table, she had pulled herself up on the TV cabinet and fell and start crying at first Icouldnt see her because she had fallen betweent he TV cainet and the rocker, but after a quick cuddle she was fine and back up doing the same thing.

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