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    I read online, in books and saw bunch of videos saying that a baby after a certain age (3 months I think) is able to sleep a whole night or for a few good hours. It's confusing because you hear that and on another side you hear that you should feed your baby and it's normal to wake up at night.

    I made up my mind that I will wake up for him and just let it fix itself, but deep down I want to sleep
    Also I heard from a relative and a neighbor (they both fed their baby at night and woke up a lot), that it continued till 2.5 years! that's a lot, considering that my baby is 7 months old, it's a log way to go.
    Yes, I think the studies suggest that after 6 weeks babies no longer need a feed overnight ( I was told this also). But I have yet to meet anyone who didn't need to feed their baby of this young age overnight. 6 weeks is highly unrealistic. Some babies just need to be fed more frequently than others. I stopped overnight feeds at around 5 months and this was only because I chose to settle my dd when she woke at 4am rather than feed her. I had success because in less than 5 minutes she was fast asleep again (we use a dummy so this helped a lot!) But had she been difficult to settle without a feed I would have continued to feed until she was ready. Just trust what your instincts are telling you

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    Re: Full night sleep

    Sometimes I can settle DD without a feed, and sometimes she keeps fussy and crying and it escalates unless I feed her. I always try to settle without the feed, but still most of the time she wants it. And it's a big feed too. She is busy during the day and sometimes doesn't take a big drink when she feeds in the day. Prolactin is higher at night as well, so the milk is different.

    I just think every baby is different and the rules make it hard for mums. Trust yourself to do what feels right for you and your baby. Feed, or not feed, settle or cuddle. Whatever works, do that. Cause it doesn't matter right now. You won't create a bad habit, no matter what people and books etc say.