thread: Irrational fears in toddlers...

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    Jul 2004
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    Irrational fears in toddlers...

    Does your toddler have things that frighten him/her, which don't make any sense?

    I have heard it is quite common for toddlers to have irrational fears about all sorts of things...

    I have just found out one of Aidyns. He is afraid of one of his books!
    I was reading it to him last week, and I noticed he started to look a little panicked and teary when I got to the pages with the bears on it. But I kept reading through the book and he was ok after that.
    Then I tried reading it to him yesterday and he just freaked out! He screamed and looked very, very frightened and upset - even before I got to the pages with the bears.
    So I have hidden that particular book away, and wont attempt to read it again to him for many months.

    LOL - what a silly sausage! but I guess he has his reasons?

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    Custardtart Guest

    Ambah, you are right, most kids do go through this at the toddler stage and for most of them it is for reasons we never understand. I'd do the same thing you did - try that book again in six months!


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    Melinda Guest

    I read something about fears particular the one about fear of the water going down the drain, and apparently it is the fear that they will go down the drain with the water.....they don't understand that the water can go down, but they can't IYKWIM?

    I also read something about fear of haircuts....they don't understand how a part of them can be cut off, without it hurting them.......make sense?


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    2kiddies Guest

    Reilles, nearly four, is going through the old 'I'm scared of the dark and monsters' stage! He refuses to go to sleep in his room now without every light in the house on! Which is fine to get him to sleep, but he has been waking every night without fail and coming into our bed because he's 'scared'..poor little munchkin! A friend of mine suggested to get a can of air freshener and make a label on the computer 'monster spray', so I'll try that one, apparently it works a treat!

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    Melinda Guest

    That's an interesting idea Dan! I hope it works for poor little Reilles!!!