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Thread: The Odd One Out – No Junk Food

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    I prided myself on only giving Flynn homemade food (hey, we are only 1 month into solids, so who knows what I'll do in 1 year!!) but a GF said she even made her own pureed apples. Now I feel like a bad mummy cause I give Flynn pureed apple made from those cans of pie apple you can get from the supermarket (no added anything, apparently!) Guess I am not so homecooked afterall!!

    I think the sodium in mineral water could be an issue, but surely a kidlet would have to drink a heck of a lot for it to be a prob?

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    I try to keep Gabby's diet balanced as much as possible (tho it's hard because she can be fussy with certain foods).
    I try to give a serve of veges, fruit, dairy and carbs a day (usually more than 1 but I try to offer her at least one of each food group). She'll have a biscuit or 2 (just plain ones... nothing too fancy), a muesli bar or some crackers as snacks. She loves those puff rice cracker snack things. Don't know what they are called.
    She rarely has chocolate and only drinks water and milk. She's not a big fan of fruit juice or cordial. She'll sip them but won't drink them like she drinks water.
    We had party food at playgroup today. Gab had some banana but mainly she preferred the biscuits and cake. It's the only time we bring party food to playgroup (Christmas breakup) and the kids loved it. I don't see the harm and it helps to teach them how to share and only take 1 thing at a time (tho we do the same with our fruit every other week).

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    Rory, I don't bother pureeing fruit (unless it is banana). I buy those Heinz cans instead. The only food I cook for him is his vegetables because I think mine taste better than those awful shop ones. =)

    Fi, thanks for that re the sodium question.

    I am very keen to have William eating healthy foods most of the time but with the occasional treat. To answer Gemma's OP, I can see why you were upset at the party. Most kids parties I have been to recently have a healthy option as well as all the sweets/chips so I can understand why you were upset.

    I don't think it's a bad thing you're doing to encourage Amy to eat well. I have a friend whose son doesn't get given sweets or chips. She can take him to the supermarket and he asks for "lollies" which are blueberries or cherry tomatoes! He sits there and eats the whole punnet. It's great. He also has a very diverse palate for a two year old which is so unusual as kids can be quite faddy with their eating by that age.

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    i'm with you on the no junk for Jordan
    He has had half a freddo in his life and thats about it. He mainly eats yoghurts, bananas or arrowroot bikkies for snacks. (guess bikkies arent to healthy)
    My friend has bubs similar age and he is into donuts, chips chocolate you name it. She has old siblings though so they eat it. She was shocked when I said Jordan couldnt have some donut or sweet.
    Jordan is already a big boy, he is 13 kilo (has ben big all hs life). I dont want him to be the fat kid in school so I want to encourage healthy eating.
    I think its a great start to life and when they are a little older a bit in moderation is fine.

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    I hadn’t realised this post was still going. Just popped in to give an update…

    I was thinking about your posts particularly around moderation and for the first time on Xmas Day I let Amy have a small serve of Xmas pudding and home made ice-cream, and I gave her Xmas fruit cake on Boxing Day. She loved it so much and for a few days all she asked for was ‘cake, cake cake’. I was really worried for a while but she has stopped asking for it but now she knows what it is. I suppose to get to 18 months old and not have any sugary food is pretty good but I do fell a bit guilty for lowering my guard but am not going to beat myself up over it.

    Fi, about the mineral water, I have heard the flavoured ones have just as much sugar as normal soft drinks but I think soda water is okay, although it tastes horrible!

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    My kids have a very well balanced diet, they prefer my home cooked food rather than Take away and most of their snacks are fresh fruit and vege sticks with dip and some crackers.
    I always made my own baby food and will again when Macauley starts solids, i wouldn't eat those jars, so i won't give them to my kids.
    My kids do get treats, Nick loves cake, he would eat it everyday if i let him LOL, Ryan on the other hand is'nt into sweet stuff, he much prefers mums lamb roast
    I have never had a problem with tantrums in the supermarket because they want chocolate, chips, lollies etc, Nick eats a bag of mushrooms when we go shopping (his choice, i hate them!) and Ryan just wants a drink, so i take a cup of water/ milk for him
    my mum was terrible when it came to food when i was growing up, one minute she would be feeding us junk, the next minute she was on a diet, so we were too, i was 6 when she first did this, so now i have a terrible relationship with food, but i will not let that happen with my kids, they can have anything in moderation
    As for soft drink, yeah my kids have it every now and again, a tiny bit with alot of water, just so they don't feel they are missing out on something

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