thread: Ouch he`s biting!!!!

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    Ouch he`s biting!!!!

    What can I do girls?? Matthew has decided that biting is a great way to get a reaction from Mummy during breastfeeding, he hasn`t as yet broken the skin but has left teeth marks and my it hurts, last night I made him cry as I yelled out in pain wheras today after biting he has a cheeky grin on his face.

    I do normally pull him off and tell him it`s naughty but at 6 months I`m sure he`s not going to understand what I`m talking about.

    Take Care


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    Put him on the floor as soon as he bites you. Don't make a bit fuss about it, just let him know he has done the wrong thing.

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    oh yeah, im hearing you! Ive had this prob a few times and the lovely girls of BB gave me some great tips like Sammi-J's

    I have found that he usually bites to relieve pressure so if hes doing it, I put him on the floor, give him some teething gel and a water ring thats been in the fridge and try to feed him after 5 minutes.

    Trust me , its HURTS when they draw blood so I hope this technique can help you out!!!


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    Dee - they DEFINITLY understand no. I've only told Jenna NO once when she bit me, and she absolutely cracked it, I couldn't stop laughing as I had no idea she would understand it.
    And shane is trying to stop her pulling the glass of his face. He has said no a couple of times, and sme thing - she definitly knows what no is, if not just from the tone in our voice.

    Time to start I think - you dont want to be bitten many more times. It bloody hurts!! Other things to try are softly blocking the nose (makes them pull off) or give them a flick on the cheek.


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    Thanks Girls for your tips

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

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    HA HA PMSL...Sorry Fi, can just see all these Breastfeeding Mums flicking their kids cheeks!!!

    Definately babies understand in our voice tones...

    GoodLuck though sounds painful

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    Aw Fi, I sympathise big time,in the end Will would get this as you say"cheeky" grin and then bite & god it hurts like hell.

    As i was determined to feed for a year, and I did. I was heart broken to end it, but ok soon after as the last time he bit me, he drew BLOOD. :evil:

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    Dee - I am not able to give you any pearls of wisdom (havent been there yet) but i really hope all these things work for you, that must be awful!