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Thread: Sick Of "Easy Baby" Comments

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    I think the thing to keep in mind when people say that, is that is possibly a reflection of how they have found their parenting experience rather than them judging yours. Being a parent isn't an easy job for anyone but some people find it harder than others. When you are so sleep deprived and you have tried all the techniques and nothing seems to be working and then you can see babies that are sleeping you wonder where things are going wrong and why can't you change the situation. Is it you as the parent, is it the baby or is it factors like lack of support, reflux, colic, allergies, feeding problems etc. You are just looking for an answer and the magical solution that makes everything better.

    Maybe next time when they say that rather than thinking it is about you, think about what they are experiencing at home. Are they really saying I am so tired, I need support and I need someone to debrief with. Otherwise it is a lovely compliment that you have done a great job as a Mum, you make it look easy and you have a very happy contented little bub you can be proud of.

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    Ummm, agree, and disagre...

    I have had 6 "easy babies", and I get told that ALL THE TIME!!!! Yes, I am lucky. They have been easy, on the surface. But that doesn't mean I dont work extemely hard at it either...

    My "easiest" bub was Kane... slept, ate and played perfect. Still does. But he was my most work. The expressing, doctors, surgeries and travelling were a massive toll on me... So because I didn't complain, or get help, and I made it "look" easy, so apparently it "was" easy...

    It took all my strength and resources not to fall in heap some days from sheer exhaustion, between expressing all night, and feeding, and 4 other children... some days I felt broken...

    But a visitor would come to my nice clean home, and see my smiling happy bub, and Say "Oh gee, what an easy baby!".... If only they knew what it took to get that "easy" baby....

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