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    Speech delay

    So I thought I'd just ask around if anyone else had experience with speech delays.

    I took my 15 month old to the pediatrician this morning for his regular check up and vaccinations and she expressed mild concern about a language delay. So he's booked in for an extra appointment before the next normal one to see how he's going. So nothing really a problem yet but enough of a 'there might be a problem here' to increase my own concerns which I'd previously been trying to downplay with a 'he's just different to his brother and he'll catch up soon' mentality.

    So he's 15 months and he doesn't yet say any words. Sometimes he seems to have a 'this' to accompany points.
    He used to make roaring and car sounds when he was around 12-13 months old, but he's stopped.
    He doesn't wave, but he does point at things he wants.
    He doesn't really respond to his name, but he does seem to understand some of what we say such as 'water' and 'mandarin'. He won't look at named family members though, for instance 'where's mama?' or papa or brother.

    Hmm in any case I think it was good for me to make this list, then I can look back at it later and see how he's progressed.

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    Re: Speech delay

    Hi there

    Not sure, but didn't want to read and not reply.

    FWIW, DS1 was very advanced with language, and DS2 was much slower - maybe 50 words by 2yo. He would have had very few by 15 months. But perfectly normal.

    If your boy can communicate and address his needs, I wouldn't be fussed.

    Good luck, hun.

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    Re: Speech delay

    Did your Dr suggest a hearing test? If he hasn't already had one even if you have no concerns about his hearing that's the first thing I would do.
    Does he have a dummy during the day?

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    Re: Speech delay

    Thanks Peanutter and Mildez.
    DS1 was also really advanced linguistically (and with everything really) DS2 has been on a more normal schedule with everything else and so I thought maybe my opinion of his verbal skills was just suffering from comparison to DS1. We'll see maybe he'll make progress soon.
    His communication is pretty limited. He randomly points at the dinner table to things until he gets what he wants (sometimes it seems it was actually already on his plate but his mouth was full so he just hadn't picked it up yet...) or we know that if we say 'water' and he starts crying that means he wants some water.
    Dr didn't suggest a hearing test. Maybe she will if he hasn't caught up by the next appointment.
    He had a hearing test shortly after he was born and all was good then.
    He doesn't use a dummy.

    I'm a bit more relaxed about it now. He is certainly progressing in different ways and we'll just keep a bit of a closer eye on him and see how he goes. Maybe everything will be fine, maybe he'll need a bit more help but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. (And I'll try not to worry about it too much over the next few weeks )