oh, no, tasha... minestrone is so hard to clean off the floor too... so many chunks!

I was looking for this thread yesterday actually, ds has suddenly turned. he used to eat everything, and easily. now he will not sit still in his highchair, standing, twisting around. eats 2-3 mouthfuls then it's 'no. no'. it's quite a shock bc dinner is something he's always eaten. lunch is always hit & miss but like your dd, tasha - he's a snacker throughout the day. he's had a cold & is still snotty atm, so I know that's part of it. but it's not the whole reason. I think he's discovering his voice, and how to use it! I worry with him though bc he doesn't have the weight to lose with bouts of not eating (been going on for over a week now), and he's lost the fullness in his cheeks already. I hope he gets back in track soon. :-/