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Thread: Barbecued Seafood Recipes please .......

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    Question Barbecued Seafood Recipes please .......

    Hi all,

    On the request of my wonderful DP who as of recent has taken a huge interest in barbecued seafood he asked whether you lovely ladies could please share your recipe ideas ... any seafood that is too

    TIA from my DP ... and oh me too

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    ......... Anyone, someone ......... got some hot days ahead so DP the BBQ chef is already to go BUT no recipes yet ...

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    BBQ whole snapper - I make 2 or 3 (depends on size) slices in the really thick fleshy parts. Lay down a really big bit of foil that i cover with baking paper, a drizzle of olive oil, soy soy sauce, lemon or lime slices (both if i have them), garlic, ginger, spring onions, even white wine if i have some left over, stuff a little inside, grind of salt and pepper, wrap it all up and pop it on the bbq!

    Prawns are great to skewer as are baby octopus! Give them a quick brush with whatever you love! chill, garlic mixed in a little oil, herbs, sweet chill sauce, everything really! even honey on prawns works great!

    You can even cook scallops on the half shell! once again anything you love! little bit of white wine, chill and garlic sprinkled over, place the shell on the hot bbq! just watch them because they don't take long! Finely diced tomato, butter, parsley and garlic works well too! as well as all the asian flavors!

    Can?t really think of anything else, hope that helps!

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    A really super-quick un-marinade / tenderiser/flavour for bbq'd prawns (I always butterfly them first because if I don't wash them after de-veining I react to them, but you could also do them in the shell), is a little bit of chopped or crushed garlic and a splash of beer. The beer increases the sweetness of the prawns, but the flavour is very subtle.

    And it's even easier because it's not unusual for a bbq chef to have a beer whilst cooking LOL.

    ETA: I should mention that you don't actually marinate the prawns in the beer & garlic, but splash it on once the prawns are on the hotplate. If you marinate prawns in alcohol or acids they tend to go floury in texture.

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