thread: Catering for GF Day BBQ

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    Catering for GF Day BBQ

    Hi all - asking for help for ladies better able to cater than me.

    We're having a Grand Final day BBQ and I hate the thought of running out of food. We're expecting 18-19 adults inculding DH & I plus 3 kids (10, 4, 2). People will be coming at different times of the day, but we're expecting most at 1pm, with others coming about 3pm. We have a Webber BBQ, so DH will be in charge of that (in the rain & hail, poor thing). Have we organised enough food? We originally thought there'd be 15.

    We've ordered from the butcher:
    20 lamb sausages
    15 small steaks
    10 lamb back straps (which can be cut smaller, say 2 or 3)
    10 hamburgers

    We'll also make a salad, though I'm thinking of just buying 1-3 different ones.
    DH wants to make bruschetta to start.
    I've also bought:
    2 lots of savoury mixes/nuts
    1 large packet of Toobs
    2 cheeses (vintage cheddar and blue) and a large packet of Arnotts cheese board biscuits

    We'll also buy some baps (soft buns) on the day, for the sausages/steaks etc. Do you think 24 will be OK? And bread for the bruschetta - would a bread stick be best?

    A friend is bringing a cake, another some rum balls, another some soft drink. We have a case of beer and loads of wine.

    I'm not sure it's going to be enough and I get embarrassed if we run out of food, but I also historically over-cater. I was thinking maybe we should get some party pies & sausage rolls from the bakery (it's good quality stuff). Also need some vegie bugers for the vegetarian. I want to get dips from the market on the day, maybe with some more cheese. Oooh and maybe one of those long spinach and fetta pastry things.

    What do you think?

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    fresh meat can alway be frozern if not used! i'd get extra and have it in the fridge just in case

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    I always find chicken wings or drumettes a cheap and tasty finger food for parties and alot of people eat chicken but not other meats. Just marinate a kilo or 2 in honey and soy or satay sauce and bake for around 40mins, they are really yummy.

    Other then that sounds as though you will have enough, if your family is like mine most of the males don't eat when they are drinking anyway.

    Have a great barbie!!!

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    Agree with the chicken wings. I cut the chicken wings into two, ie the winglets and the drumlets and then i marinate with some garlic lots of oyster sauce, sugar and salt. ALways a favourite at our bbq!

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    Thanks for that - chicken drumettes sound good. I keep thinking of more stuff we could have, but don't want to break the bank

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    if you don't want to do more bbq food, you could always go for nibblies that are a bit more substantial - like cheese and bikkies etc. we're going to a bbq tomorrow and we're taking a couple of different flavoured cream cheese thingies and some water crackers - think it cost us about $10 (if we only counted what we got for tomorrow - DH decided to get every flavour so he could taste them lol). if you don't use them on the day, they'll keep a while for you and your DH to snack on later