thread: What do you have at your BBQ??

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    Nov 2007

    What do you have at your BBQ??

    We are doing an aus day BBQ- I was wondering what do you usually have at yours - particularly sides and deserts???

    I'm a cake maker on the side but don't want to make a cake if I can get away with it!!!

    So far we have around 30 of us and we have:

    Pre food:

    Beetroot dip and crackers
    Lollies (I hate the things)

    Butterfly lamb
    Chicken kebabs
    And I'm thinking maybe some minute steak

    Potato salad
    BBQ corn cobs
    A small garden salad (never gets eaten)


    Lattice slice
    (Icecreams or icy poles for kids?!?)

    I feel like I'm missing something???

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    Nov 2007

    Oh and a fruit platter

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    Mar 2004

    Cous-cous salad
    Green bean salad
    Tomato and onion salad
    Mango and tomato salad
    Leb bread and/or turkish bread

    Meat on a stick

    A bombe


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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Second the (non-alcoholic) punch, or iced tea.
    BBQ'd sliced potato (yum)
    Pasta or potato salad.

    You don't need to do lollies, have melon balls instead (yum)
    Make your own frozen fruit snacks / iceblocks from pureed fruit, maybe dipped in a little chocolate for a treat!

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    Oct 2006
    In a house, on a hill with a big fat welcome mat!

    I made a salad at our recent BBQ it was beetroot walnuts feta and mint was a hit! For desert we did mini jellys, and a pre purchased ice cream cake
    Sounds like you have it sorted.

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    Jan 2010
    Penrith, NSW

    Completely irrelevant, but I thought the first dessert said lettuce slice. I was a tad confused

    We don't really have anything different to what you have. Kebabs maybe? (homemade ones with onion, pineapple, ham and capsicum)
    Pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, garden salad, bread rolls and meat rissoles, can't think of much else

    Sounds Delish!!

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    Apr 2008

    You could buy lamingtons as well for dessert. Aussie and you wont have to make them.

    The rest sounds delicious.

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    Jun 2003

    Pink Salad (Baby Beets, Cheese cubes, Egg, Mayo)
    Potato Salad/Potato Gratin/Mashed Potato
    Turkish Salad/Baby Spinach Salad
    BBQ Corn/Asparagus
    Meat of various desciptions


    Icecream Cake (usually with meringue, chocolate & raspberry) or
    Nutella Meringue Cake or
    Chocolate Bavarian Cheesecake (this is always a winner at BBQ's)


    Now I feel like Iced tea...

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    Nov 2007

    I saw the pink salad earlier it sounds yummo!!!

    I like the idea of the melon balls- Choc dipped ices (name that strawberries and bananas and it will go down a treat for my dd)

    Punch YES!!! How do you make it lol???

    Decided on trifle for an extra dessert

    Turkish bread a must with my beetroot dip

    Dh usually does BBQ potatoes but I don't like how he does it

    Thanks girls!!!! Great help

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    Mar 2004

    I kind of ad lib punch - basically you're going to mix fruit juice with something fizzy and some fruit. You can add iced tea to it for a bit of a twist and what ever alcomohol you fancy. Vodka is pretty neutral but tequila is nice too. In a melon punch you can add midori, malibu to a tropical and so on. Champagne is good for fizzy punch or riccadonna if you want a sweeter bubbly wine. Passion pop is not ok unless you are 18.
    I always like to chuck mint leaves in punch - it gives it a fresh vibe that nothing else can replicate.

    If you google a bunch of recipes you can come up with your own.

    Apple, orange and ginger punch
    2 cups apple juice, chilled
    1 1/2 cups orange juice, chilled
    2 cups dry ginger ale, chilled
    3 cups lemonade, chilled
    125g strawberries, hulled, diced (plus orange slices and cubed apple)
    Ice cubes, to serve

    To make it alcoholic add about 2/3 cup of vodka.

    Mix it all together in a jug or punch bowl.

    Fruity Champagne punch
    375ml (1 1/2 cups) chilled sparkling wine
    375ml (1 1/2 cups) chilled lemonade
    80ml (1/3 cup) chilled vodka
    80ml (1/3 cup) Malibu coconut liqueur
    1 lime, thinly sliced
    100g frozen raspberries
    125ml (1/2 cup) fresh passionfruit pulp
    some mint leaves
    Ice cubes, to serve

    Mix it all together and serve.

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    Apr 2008

    I was going to say fruit platter then saw you had added it

    I often do a potato bake if we are having lots of people as its cheap, easy and fills people up so you don't need quite as much meat. I also keep a woollies pav in the pantry and if I think I need it I always have cream and tinned passion fruit pulp on hand

    Unless its a birthday our friends offer to bring something so we often put on meat and dessert and guests bring a side /salad and we do the same if we go somewhere

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    Mar 2011

    Passion pop is not ok unless you are 18.

    For your punch, you could try making an iceblock with sliced fruit/mint leaves arranged in a pretty pattern (eg, slice of kiwi in the middle and strawberry slices arranged like flower petals) with lemonade instead of water, so that as it doesn't water down the punch as it melts, but it keeps it all nice and cool. Use a flat bottomed container about 15cm or so across and freeze a cm or two deep lemonade in it, then arrange the fruit and add another few mms of lemonade and freeze again, then add another cm or two to make it as thick as you'd like it.

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    Jan 2009
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    We don't have a BBQ how VERY un-Australian But if we did we'd always have veggie burgers.... Again prerty un-Australian! I love brandy snaps for dessert but rarely have them. Whip up a bowl of fresh cream and a bowl of fresh berries. I just put the brandy snaps in a bowel and then dunk into the cream. If you make them instead of rolling into a cylinder cut them into triangles for dipping.

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    May 2016

    Re: What do you have at your BBQ??

    Burgers, hot dogs, and chicken, potato salad, coleslaw and lots of different sauces lol

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    Jan 2006

    Re: What do you have at your BBQ??

    I think you need to toss another prawn on the barbie...

    Sorry, but I had to.