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Thread: About premature babies, etc.

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    Question About premature babies, etc.

    Silly question but I have been a little worried about it just recently.

    How likely is it for someone to have a premature baby?

    I know my little one still has lots of growing to do but when I had my 20 week scan, I was told she was really small. I can't remember exactly how much she weighed.
    I'm sure I'm just worried about nothing, I'm one of those who stress about every little thing lol

    Any other information relating to this topic that could help put my mind at ease would be great!

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    My first pregnancy, I had all these so-called professionals telling me bump, baby etc was too small - and there is no way to weigh a foetus. They can estimate mass, but it isn't a sure thing. I had that too. Trying to scare and bully me for months. But I was more confident than you, by the sounds of things.

    DS was big when born.

    Is baby kicking yet? If so, that's the best check, not tape measures and scans. And healthy mamas with kicking babies very rarely have prem babies. Yes, some do, but it is very unlikely.

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    Default Re: About premature babies, etc.

    Oh, yes! She's very much kicking/moving quite a lot!

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