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Thread: Afterbirth pains and reflexology....

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    Default Afterbirth pains and reflexology....

    Not anxious about labour so much as I am afterbirth pains.
    With #1 it was only when I was feeding him and when I got put on syntocin cuz my uterus was being lazy.
    With #2 I had about 12hrs of 'labour' for ab pains. Regular painful wave like contractions that I couldn't talk through and I was ready to go back to hospital for pain relief.
    My labour was only 2hrs so 12hrs again a couple days later was alot to take. My midwife suggested I look into reflexology to manage the pain. Anyone have experience in this?

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    Default Re: Afterbirth pains and reflexology....

    Nope but usually the after birth pains are worse after each baby - number 4 and 5 were just like being in labour for me - ouchhhhh. I was already on heavy drugs with number 5 so that made them not TOO bad, and number 4 I would have some panadol about 20 minutes before a feed because that was when it was really bad.

    Anything is worth a try though!

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    Default Re: Afterbirth pains and reflexology....

    Haven't had experience with reflexology but contrary to the standard, my afterpains with DD2 were far less than DD1. Almost non existent... No idea why sorry!

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