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Thread: Could this be the start??

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    Default Could this be the start??

    Ok so I had by 37/38 week apt yesturday.
    I've put 2 other topics up so those might help set this topic up.
    Anyway, baby is 7.6lbs and lined up perfect. Her head is even turned so her face is facing my back. She's engaged big time also. I didn't get checked as I'm being induced the 19th if my apt Monday is ok.
    I am having contractions but irreg. they showed up on my monitor.
    I remember with my 12 yr old I felt horrible right around the time I hit 3-4 cm. I felt like I had a cold. But once I got pit to be induced I felt ok.
    Yesturday my throat hurt off and on but I felt ok. Today my throat hurts off and on but now I'm stuffy. I'm sneezing a lot to. I've had more energy like being about to clean my 2 tr olds room, swept 2 times, picked up out master room and the living room. Normally I can't do more than sweep. Needless to say I'm wiped out now.
    I've been having contractions on and off but the sharpness hurts more. It feels like period cramps plus horrid gas pains at once.
    My np told me any time..

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    Who knows, the professionals can't even predict it??!! I have had period like pains and lower back pain, loose bowel movements, bouts of energy / nesting and nausea for two weeks and 1 day now, every day but nothing regular. I had an S&S yesterday and still nothing... It could happen today or another two weeks away, you have your induction date in mind probably best to just focus on that. I was supposed to be induced on Friday but have pushed back so am going to try and go naturally, but not holding out bub coming before due date, it's just teasing me. Good luck.

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    I'm feeling much the same, except I'd describe it more as restless than energetic. I'm tired as hell, but *want* to be up and about doing things. Sooo don't want to be stuck at home.

    Hopefully it's the start of things for all of us!

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    I just wish my body would stop playing games.
    Lady nite my back started hurting really bad. I was hiding my face in my pillow. Hubby rubbed so that kind of helped. Went to bed still in pain. Any time I laud down and got up it felt like my hips had been glued together. The pain was horrible. Not to mention I was shaking. Not sure why.
    Got up this morning and back still hurt bad, comes and goes. So laid down to watch tv till 12 yr old goes to school. I started to get contractions. About 15-20 min apart. Sharp pains hurt like crazy. So got up and those stopped but not my back. Grrr!!!

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    I wish I could be induced right now!!
    I'm in so much pain. My back still huts but worse. I can't move at all with out it hurts. I have to lay on my side and lean over to get any type of relief but now that's not helping. Sitting hurts, and almost puts me in tears. Standing as of last nite made me stop, and gave me a lot of pressure and contractions.

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    Well I ended up going into labor Friday. I went to triage and went to lay Down. When I did my water broke. I had her at 7:20pm. Got my epidural at 5. Went from 4 to full in 2 hours.

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    Congrats on your baby girl!

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    She should come home Friday

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