thread: Did your OB make it to the birth?

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    Mar 2005

    Did your OB make it to the birth?

    Hi everyone,
    Just want to do a quick poll for all of you who had private obstetricians. Did your OB make it to your child's birth? I am trying to decide the value of having my own OB and am worried that they may not even make it to the birth!
    Please let me know what happenend for you.

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    Aug 2004

    mine doesnt have much choice as i am having a c/s! even if i wasnt though i would still have a private OB. i just feel more comfortable seeing the same doctor at every appointment and building a relationship with him, and silly i know but i have felt so safe during my pg having a specialist, just a comfort thing for me really.

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    Boo Bella Guest

    He was there for the first but not for the second or third. That is why I prefer to have my appts with the midwives if there is nothing really wrong as they are the ones you want to get to know as you spend the most time with them.

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    May 2003
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    My OB was there. I went into hospital at about 4pm and he popped into to check on my labour at about 7pm & then stayed with me until Olivia was delivered.

    Whilst Olivia was born naturally with no drugs, I believe I managed this because of him, rather than despite him.

    Olivia got really stuck behind my pelvis at one stage (even though she was small at 7lb 2oz) and if it hadn't been for him, I dread to think what may have happened in terms of shoulder distocia.

    I loved seeing him every couple of weeks through my pregnancy, built a fantastic rapport with him, and he gave me so much reassurance through the whole pregnancy & the whole delivery. He delivers around 50 babies a month.

    I have seen the same OB with my current pregnancy and I take Olivia with me and he always delights in seeing her, which is so cute. My only regret is that because we are moving interstate he won't be delivering my next baby!

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    zoe Guest

    My ob didn't make it - it all happened too quick as I missed the first stage of labour, got to the hospital and promptly gave birth. Now I am having my second I decided to do share care with him as I like to feel a little in control in choosing who I see, but I am going to go to the public hospital to give birth.

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    Scarlett Guest

    Mine was away for the weekend, but his partner attended and was great. Almost missed it though as the midwife had said "10 more minutes and then we will call him", then "at the end of this push I will can him". Apparently he walked in very casually, took one look and went, "Oh my goodness this wont take long".

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    I went private both times however both times ended up with a different ob. I still think its worth going private.

    The first time around, my bub came a couple of weeks before the due date and my ob was on holiday, so another female ob from the same practise (who was brilliant) delivered our baby.

    The second time, my waters broke at a very early gestation and so I needed to transfer to a specialist hospital where I was linked with a new ob (female, private ob). She was fantastic. I also had my previous ob (male, private ob) contact me in hospital and make an appointment for my 6 week check-up, and it was good to have that link as well.

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    May 2004

    I went public too, but I only ever had appointments with my Ob, never saw a midwife, so it was almost as good as going private. And my Ob didn't make it to the birth of my two youngest. He came is just after I had had them both times. I don't really think it was his fault thou, I think I delivered a bit earlier than expected


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    mooshie Guest

    i have been private on all 3 births.

    first birth i needed to be induced (waters broken no contractions etc etc) and was a bit of a hard one nearly 3hrs pushing ending in a forceps delivery - i was lucky it was during the day on a friday and obs office was next door to hospital - he came in quite regularly to check on my progress and was there from 4pm until i gave birth at 5.08pm.

    2nd birth - alot easier on a saturday morning - midwives called ob at 11am (he was at his sons's sports carnival but still on call) it looked like he was going to miss it - the midwives rang him at 11.30am and asked where he was and he said he was stuck in traffic and told me to keep my legs crossed - he arrived around 15mins before the birth.

    3rd birth - different ob (as original ob as stopped obstetrics) lani was in a huge hurry to arrive but ob got there before dh lol - ob arrived 1/2 hr before birth and was my support partner lol as midwife was setting everything up and dh had still not arrived (busy arranging mum to babysit lol) so for 15mins before dh arrived ob was encouraging me and giving me water etc - great guy.

    so i have been really lucky and felt that i have got my money's worth lol i must say i felt a bit sorry for my ob at my 2nd birth as he missed out on his son racing but i was glad he was there for me.

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    Feb 2005
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    I have gone public each time, He was called for the twins, and was there, bu twe had it under control, so he sat up the back of the room, adn watched in case he was needed, which he wasn't
    With DD#3 he was away on hols ( I was 4 weeks early) so his partner had to come in and do an emergency csec, coz bubs oblique, will be there this time, coz I'm "high risk" coz I want a vbac!!!

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    I had the same OB for both my births and went private.
    For 1st he came into hossie to check on me and offered to break my waters which I took up. He then went home (it was a Sunday). The midwife called him back in when I started pushing about 3pm and I had Mason at 4:30.
    For 2nd as I went to hossie at nearly midnight the midwife didn't call him till she knew for sure I was going to have baby so Dr didn't have interrupted sleep. She rang him as Angus crowned when the waters broke. I was on all fours on the bed pushing when he came into the room. He had his hair sticking up ****y style!
    I had Angus at Berwick and he lives very close to the hossie. Any further and I don't think he would have made it.
    If you are concerned about OB attending maybe ask when their holidays are scheduled so that is not a problem.

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    Feb 2004

    I went public with a private ob. He was there for the birth as I went into theatre for a forceps delivery. He was even there for my pushing stage! He was great and took notice of what I said and made sure that myself and DH knew what was happening each step of the way as he was there earlier on, he popped in and out. I did have a few worries though during labour but I still believe he would have been there regardless.

    What was probably the best thing was when I went for my 6 week check up after delivery, he told me what a fantastic job I did and I should be proud of myself. (labour was a bit tough for me) so hearing this was great.

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    Feb 2005

    I am so glad I found this thread as I was just wondering the exact same question and found all your responses very interesting

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    May 2004

    I chose private and my OB made it to the birth.

    He came in early on in the labour to check on me and break my waters and then came back later on when I was about to give birth. Luckily he did as I needed an eptisomy and if it wasn't for him doing that I would've definitley tore as the midwife kept wanting me to push and Nicholas was just a bit big to come out.

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    Nov 2004

    My OB was away for the weekend and he came back at 7pm just in time to do an emergency C-sect at 4am the next morning. He went on holidays on my due date for 2 weeks but luckily Amy came a week early. We were happy he made it to the birth because he did an excellent job.

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    Mar 2005


    My first OB didn't make it to the birth, and his I guess what you'd call his locum came instead, and that's how he became my next OB- I never really liked my first one, so in a way that was good, and he's so much cuter too!!!!!!

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    confusedegg Guest

    Obs late


    I just want to say, i dont think having a private ob is better than going public.
    i was pregnant with twin girls and had private obs and he was always late, whether be my appointment (waiting up to 2 hours) or if you were in labour. He missed my 1st baby (born approx 50 min after arriving hospital) and casually rocked up 1 hour before second one (2hours after 1st) he was in room for 10 min and walked out . both unfortunately they were both breech and still born and painful. Whenever anyone wants to go private. Do a little research on the doctor of your choice.
    Good Luck...

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    Nov 2004

    I went public, had a GP who i did all my appointments through (had him with both children)For my first, i couldnt have him at the original hosp(dispute with the state gov, they wouldnt help with the cot of OB insurance, so their insurance lapsed and they woldnt deliver. I was lucky i was allowed to deliver at a priv hosp, paid for by the gov!!), i had Xander about 30 mins away and he came down, stayed through the entire 4 hour labour, stiched me and up and sat with me while i cried (things didnt go according to plan!!) And came down every day to check on me during my hospital stay, before he did his usual rounds at the other hosp, and went to work at the med centre!! HE didnt end up making it to the birth of my second, the doc broke my waters and left it to the midwives, came back to check on me about 10 mins after i gave birth, then left!! Im not fussed which doc i have, as i find its the midwives you need to have the relationship with.