thread: How would you describe a contraction

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    May 2011

    How would you describe a contraction

    Ok, probably a silly question but I want to hear how mothers describe a contraction... probably hard to put into words but if you can that would be great

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    Jun 2012

    How would you describe a contraction

    Pain lol apprently it feels like a lot of pressure like you need to do a big poo. Well that's what my friend said it felt like hope this helps

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    Mar 2007

    I just feels like bad period pain that comes in waves for me

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    Jul 2009

    My contractions were in my back so they start off just a pain and then its pain pain pain PAIN (when it peaks)

    Kinda like really bad bowel pains lol

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    Jun 2010
    Tiny Town

    Definitely like period pain for me, that came in waves and got more intense as I went along. A heat pack helped so, so much! Until just before my waters broke, I wasn't getting much of a break in between and wanted something more. From there I went into shock and don't really remember much about the contractions until I was pushing.

    The pushing part was fantastic. It started involuntarily, my body just did it. Contractions that came with pushing weren't painful, they just made me cramp up and push lol.

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    Mar 2007

    The pushing part was fantastic. It started involuntarily, my body just did it. Contractions that came with pushing weren't painful, they just made me cramp up and push lol.
    Oh yeah, the pushing ones are different, not painful, that was awesome.

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    Dec 2007
    Hork-Bajir Valley

    mine was all pressure, started out like really bad bloating feeling, like a balloon was blowing up inside me and was getting so big i felt i was going to burst!!!! then the balloon would get let down.
    then all it was was involuntary pushes (before i was dilated) no pain with them. the only 'pain' was trying to stop the pushing - which was like trying to hold in a poo (a really big mother of a poo)

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    Jan 2010

    Like my guts were trying to turn themselves inside out.

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    Mar 2004

    Period pains on crack

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    Oct 2008

    My first was very intense and felt like a vice pushing against me from the inside, if that makes any sense! A backwards vice I guess.

    My second just felt like bad period pains.

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    Dec 2008
    Brisbane, QLD

    Like period/ diarrhoea pain that comes in waves
    For me it wasn't as bad a period pain. It hurt more but it has purpose so is easier to cope with. Itms? Probably not lol

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    Jan 2010

    Mine was like period pain too. I actually woke up thinking my period had started and then quickly realised that I shouldn't be getting my period because I'm pregnant. All my pain was just in the front lower stomach. As the pregnancy progressed it was just like stronger period pain.

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    Sep 2011

    I was induced with DS1 and it felt like period pain but ramped up. They would come in waves and peak - it was so nice on the downside of the peak. The belly felt really hard. We did calmbirth classes which really helped me to breath through them. I think if you tense up, it makes them feel worse and lying down was the most painful position to be in.

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    Jul 2008

    like really bad period pain that built up, peaked & then tailed off - most of my contractions with dd lasted a minute for the whole of my labour. i also had bad back pain - pretty much like the sort of pain you get with a period.

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    May 2008

    How would you describe a contraction

    Depends which part of labour changes the feeling of contractions! Pre labour is period pain and a sore lower back. Then as they increase and last longer it's a more intense cramping pain and your tummy tightens with each one! Then as you need to push it feels less period type and more just a relief as your pushing and a nicer gap in between them once pushing starts too!
    Definitely don't fight them, just go with your body and it all feels right :-)

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    Mar 2008
    Where dreams are now reality

    For me it was just like an intense pressure period pain and, it hurt but it was more uncomfortable than agonising like I had always been told. I could feel each about to start, it would begin get more intense and then ease down to a gradual nothing

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    Jan 2011

    Intense pressure rather than sharp or stabbing pain. It builds up and overwhelms the body so that nothing else exists except for the contraction

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    Oct 2009
    Bonbeach, Melbourne

    Prelabour - period pain and back ache. My stomach would get hard.

    Labour before my water broke - exactly as Teirae described. A balloon swelling in my uterus, accompanied with period pain low down, and some pain in my back too. Would last for a minute to 90 seconds, then trailed off.

    Labour after my water broke - the balloon was made out of razor wire. As well as small midgets slicing through my stomach, with fists made of spikes Contractions lasted 1-2 minutes, until they came without a break. Pushing was an amazing relief and the pain of the contractions all but disappeared, instead it was in my bagina and bum.

    I 100% believe being in water would have made my pain more manageable. I ended up being able to breathe well enough through them, but going do quickly from a lovely manageable early labour to intense pain after my water broke was a shock lol! And I have a high pain tolerance!