thread: Labour second time around.......was it quicker and easier???

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    Jan 2005

    Labour second time around.......was it quicker and easier???


    I have heard that second labours are usually half that of your first and alot easier , is this really true????

    Would love to hear how your second labour was compared to your first. Was it quicker and easier??? (please tell me it is, second time around)

    My first labour was 21 hours, so can i expect this one to go for 10.5hrs ?

    Take care Leah

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    Custardtart Guest

    I don't know that there is any basis for expecting the second labour to be half the length of the first one, never heard that before, but it is a general rule that the second labour is a fair bit shorter. My first was 20 hours, my second was 5 hours.


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    Kameron (1st born) was 3hrs and 20 mins after being induced twice and I had an epidural, so labour itself was a breeze

    Lachlan (2nd born) was 4hrs and 6 mins after being induced once and I had no epidural, so definitely felt alot worse than Kameron during labour.


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    mooshie Guest

    my first jessica was 14hrs with waters breaking, drip induction and delivery with forceps.

    2nd jay was 7hrs completely natural no intervention at all

    3rd lani was gel induction and 1hr

    so for me they got quicker, just hope if i have another it isn't born on the way in the car lol.

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    Apr 2003
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    All my births have been induced and I have had an epidural for pain relief with all.

    The first labour was induced with gels, rupture of membranes and drip and it was 9 hours from the drip starting but she got stuck and vacuum extraction was used.

    My second birth was just the drip and rupture of membranes. It was 4.5 hours from the drip starting. This was by far my easiest delivery!!

    My third birth was the drip and rupture of membranes again. It was just over 5 hours but I was not allowed to push when I wanted to (and needed to lol!!).

    Hope this helps!

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    Nov 2004

    both of mine were induced, (waters broken and drip) first was 3hrs 50 mins, second 4 hrs 20 mins. But second was definately easier, with my first i had an episiotomy and bled ALOT and was in pain for about 3w after, my second felt like a breeze!! I was up within 5 mins of giving birth, having a shower and joking with the nurses. And i only had 2 sml grazes. With both i had 1 shot of pethadine, and with #2 ds i had gas, but i also felt i was more in control with my 2nd i was asked what i want (#1 they just made all the decisions, including what to give me as pain relief and when!!) Hope my 3rd is even better!!

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    Mar 2005

    My 1st labor was very short and sweet, I came into the hospital with a pain in my side and 7cms already dialated, I didnt even know!!
    4 Hrs later my daughter was born, waters didnt break (nothing)!

    2nd labor took 14hrs, and that was pure hell- my son was pushed out from when I was 6cms, I needed him out.

    But generally they are quicker than the first-didnt mean to scare you!! LOL 8-[

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    Jan 2005

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

    Nadia- you poor thing i certainly don't want to go through what you did.

    Mooshie- sounds like you will need to get yourself to hospital very quickly if and when you decide to have another bubby.
    I have also heard that having short labours can be worse as your body still has to do the same amount of work just in a much shorter time frame, do you think this is true?

    Take care Leah

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    Mar 2005

    Hun, I dont think that's true after all it's all stretched and stuff isnt it (like my technical jargon!) #-o

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    Custardtart Guest

    There can be some basis for that, I believe it's more common to have overstretched ligaments in the hips with shorter labours, but there are other factors at play too.


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    mooshie Guest


    previously i had heard that to re short labours being more traumatic but i can honestly say that lani's birth was absolutely incredible i had in all honestly probably 12 really have to breathe through and don't talk to me contractions lol. i was also alone in the labour ward for most of the first 1/2 hr as the midwife was in and out (knowing birth was soon) and she had to get everything organised and ready for the ob plus she had another lady in the other ward with contractions and she was 32wks so she had to be monitored. so i guess in a way i did it easier being alone and coping how i wanted to and not worrying about others around iykwim, the midwife kept popping in and yelling out encouragement from outside the room where she was getting all the required stuff lol but i must say it was good for me probably natures way of saying go again girly have another one lol.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    My First was about 8 and a half hrs from when contractions were bitey and regular to the birth, had an episiotomy and stiches and bled for full 6 wks after birth. The 2nd was about 6 hrs no tears etc no stiches, bleeding stopped within 3 wks, the 4th was induced, real contractions started at about lunchtime, took about 8 hrs, but only 2 hrs from when my waters were broken, no stiches or any probs except some retained placenta and continual bleeding for about 6 8 weeks. The 4th was about 6 hrs, again no stiches or anything, bleeding only for about 4 wks.

    I was always happy with the length of my labours cos I felt in control throughout, wouldn't have wanted them any quicker really.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Well I guess they can be some what shorter. My first was 25 hours (I seem to labour long) and not very nice (long story and I don't want to scare anyone).

    My second was 18 hours but pushed bubs out on my own so it was a much nicer experience as far as that goes. It's just tiring having to labour so long.

    I'm hoping to get my 3rd down to 12 hours.

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    My birth teacher always says that the second baby often flies out (more likely to be born on the doorstep!) and the third baby is a baby of mystery - it could be either like the first or second. So if you had a short first labour - don't mess about with the second!!!

    I found the process easier in terms of confidence knowing what was going on and what I wanted. So I think this is part of the birth being quicker...
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    oneisneverenough Guest

    My first labour was about 20hrs long.
    My 2nd labour was 1.5hrs. As soon as he was born, I said..
    "Wow, that was so easy, I could do that again"

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Wow M. I am guessing that the next 3 weren't too bad either cos you are ttc no.6 LOL Good luck!

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    crockerclan Guest


    My first labour was the easiest of all my labours, due to the fact that the rest were posterior. My first labour lasted 8 hours and I only had a couple of stitches. This was probably due to the fact he was 5 and a half weeks early.

    My second labour, I was induced at 38 weeks due to severe pain in my back. I had my waters broken put on a drip when I was not doing anything and had a epidural. This labour lasted 12 hours.

    My third labour was the quickest and probably the hardest. My first stage of labour went without me knowing it. Had period like pains but nothing else until my waters broke. I got to the hospital to be told that I was 9cm dilated to find out that the baby was posterior and had not engaged. I pushed and pushed for nearly 2 hours until they decided to use the vacumn. This labour lasted 5 hours

    My fourth labour I was also induced due to the fact that I was overdue and was 5cm dilated for a week or so, with nothing happening. They only had to break my waters to get things started again. This labour lasted only 6 hours. He was also posterior and had to be manually turned so I could deliver him.

    I am now pregnant with Number 5, due on the 8th November, I am not sure what this labour is going to be like.

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and baby girl due on the 8th November