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    Default Natural labour induction

    So my ob has me booked in for next Tuesday to be induced. I am trying natural methods of induction.

    Has anyone tried acupuncture for induction? Any recommendations for someone in Adelaide?

    Massage for induction? Recommendations of an Adelaide practitioner?

    Any other suggestions welcome too

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    No real help here but just want to wish you luck on the upcoming birth xx

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    Default Re: Natural labour induction

    Sex... Sperm & an orgasum.
    Expressing/nipple stim
    Celery sage oil (i know its not spelt right) mixed in with a carrier oil rubbed on the belly.
    Spoon full of coconut oil (laxative effect that spicey food can have minus the spice, lol)
    Belly danceing.
    Visualisation of bubs exiting

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    What dansta said.... You gotta get down there contracting. Orgasm, plus I think (don't quote me) the reason for curry, castor oil etc is the laxative effect contracting your bowl and stimulating everything.

    Just remember to stay positive too. I didn't want to be induced and have with all 3 of my babies but they were all positive experiences in different ways

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    What all the others have said

    As for acupuncture, Luke Whelan at Well2 on The a Parade is great.

    Best of luck for your birth, hoping you're holding your baby soon

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    Dansta pretty much covered everything I know...bouncing on a fitball? I vaguely remember something about EPO. Does RLT work as a natural induction method?

    Just an aside...if you don't want to be induced next Tues, you can decline or postpone. Especially as full term goes up to 42 weeks now. You can always ask for a stretch and sweep if your cervix is favourable.

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    This *may* have worked for my overdue but spontaneous labour with DD:

    (Not necessarily all at once or in this order )

    Nipple stimulation
    Massaging labour pressure points
    Fit ball

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    I used reflexology, had never used it before but it was amazing and it worked and he showed me acupressure points to use while in labour too.

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