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    Hu all,

    Just after some advice...

    Having c-sect Friday, prob come home Tue.

    Is there a polite way to:

    - ask people not to bring young kids to visit
    - keep visits short?

    I don't want to offend people but last time got very overwhelmed having kids in the room running around and having people stay a long time. So I'm a bit anxious about this time.

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    Do people know your date? You can just avoid telling them until you feel ready.
    I'm a say it as it is person, so it's easy and simple for me to just tell people to not come. I also have no problem telling people to go away, but I realise this isn't such an easy thing for others to do.
    Use the midwives too. Tell them you don't want visitors, or give them a code word or something for you to let them know when you are ready for people to leave, get them to tell the visitors to go. I alway tell my woman I will happily be the. Ad guy for them all they have to do is tell me when to send people away.
    Ps, all the best for fri!!

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    You will find less people come the 2nd time... Which for me was GREAT! I was also very anxious about it and had a bad experience the first time.

    The 2nd time I worded up my DH and he became like my security guard. We waited 24 hours before we told anyone other than close family I had given birth. Also, in the message we sent out, we didn't include the hospital name, so if anyone wanted to come they had to contact us to ask, at which point my DH would tell them not to bother because we'd be out in a day or 2.

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