thread: Silent Knife by Nancy Wainer Cohen: Your Reviews

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    Silent Knife by Nancy Wainer Cohen: Your Reviews

    Just kicking off the VBAC book reviews. If you have read this book, please leave your reviews and feedback here. Silent Knife is available on BellyBelly HERE for $59.95 ex postage.

    "The bible of cesarean prevention" -- Wall Street Journal

    "A landmark event, which will change the course of obstetric care by giving parents the information they need to make the decisions that are best for their own families. Comprehensive, highly readable, sensitive . . . should be read by everyone who cares about someone" -- Marian Tompson Director, Alternative Birth Crisis Coalition, American Academy of Medicine

    "Required reading for all childbirth professionals and prospective parents" -- Journal of Gynecological Nursing
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    This is another one of the must have's for all families embarking on life after a caesarean. It answers unknowns that you have from the birth. Silent Knife also answers the what can I do next times, and the what could have happened differently. I read this book first when I was preparing for my VBAC. I found that this combined with "A Thinking Woman's Guide to Better Birth" by Henci Goer were the invaluable information I needed to begin my journey.

    I had a fantastic VBAC empowering experience and I don't doubt that without building me & my support team up with invaluable knowledge helped tremendously.

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    I loved it! I have a borrowed copy from my midwife centre and it is chock full of post it notes because it has so much helpful information as well as inspirational stories. I wish I had read it before I gave birth to Noah. It has many helpful hints and tips that I will be using to help me create my birth plan.

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