: How did your VBAC attempt end up?

  • Vaginal birth

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  • Vaginal birth (with epidural)

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  • Vaginal birth (other intervention)

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  • Emergency c/s

    2 66.67%
  • Empowered c/s

    1 33.33%
  • Other

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thread: Was your VBAC a successful vaginal birth?

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    Apr 2010
    Brisbane, Australia

    (Mods help) Was your VBAC a successful vaginal birth?

    Hi mods, can we possibly add a poll to this to find out how many attempted VBAC's from the women in here ended in an emergency c-section vs a successful vaginal birth? I have read so many statistics and would like to get a real world example.

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    Jul 2008

    Would like to see results too! I had a failed vbac I think you see lots of successful vbac stories on the forum but not a lot of failed vbac stories cause with me I don't really wanna talk about it much because it was so disappointing (understatement)!!!

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    Jan 2009

    Would be good to see as well

    Im like kitten, failed vbac

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    Nov 2008
    Melbourne, VIC

    Just wanted to say - not failed VBACs girls! Successfully brought little people into the world, just not quite in the usual way Still happy healthy Mums and bubs

    I am hoping to get my VBAC, but if I don't, it wont be from lack of trying - and bubs will be born regardless, no way I could love my kids more if they came out my lady bits.

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    Jan 2007

    Mine ended in elective c/s after not going into labour after 14 days/42 so there might need to be a few scenarios/options.

    WannabeMum Good luck hun!! Spot on - we birth a child regardless of where they come out. xoxo

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    Apr 2008

    It would be good to see! I had another emergency c/s after going into labour but rupturing. Maybe a poll that said VBAC, emergency c/s, non-emergency c/s What do you think?

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    Nov 2008
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    assisted/unassisted vaginal? There could be 4 options I like the idea! Snap shot - also stats gathering where there is some limited data

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    Jul 2008

    That sounds good - how to you get a poll up and running?

    WM - I know it's not really a 'failure' as such I tried to VBAC and I truly I couldn't love my kids anymore than I do they are my everything (the vbac attempt doesn't effect my feelings towards them at all! I just hate myself!!!) sounds horrible but I can't change my feelings if I were to have another baby I would be trying for another vbac (if all is good with the pregnancy etc) I will never give up hope.

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    i had 2 attempts at induction and finally had him with a heavily medicated unassisted vaginal delivery 15 days post dates, funny enough I am not as pleased as I thought I would be, I still feel as though I failed in a way as my body would not go into labour naturally and had an epidural most of the way, every time they turned off the syntocin I would stop contracting! yes I had a VBAC but I don't feel it was "successful" to the standard I had dreamed of for 10 months. I honestly feel c section recovery was easier as I can still hardly walk and have a lot of stinging down there and now have stress incontinence and roids!!! I don't feel emotionally healed like I imagined I would be

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    Dec 2007
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    1 x unsuccessful vbac (elective c-section at 42 weeks due to health issues)
    2 x successful vba2c

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    Oct 2004
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    Went for a VBAC but due to a serious uterine infection ended up with an emergency c-section, so never got a chance to try.

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    Nov 2004

    i had a successful VBAC
    you can read my story if you like
    i was so lucky and grateful to be able to have one


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    Nov 2007
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    Successful VBAC here.