thread: Calmbirth practice

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    Calmbirth practice

    I'm hoping to get some ideas and advice on calmbirth practice please.
    My DP and I did a Calmbirth course a couple of weeks ago and I've been listening to the CDs (lying down) and falling asleep.
    I've also been practicing the calm breath.
    I feel like I'm unsure of the practice I'm supposed to be doing. I'm almost finished reading the book that we were given at the course.
    I'm thinking I could do the CDs sitting up so I'm more alert.
    What else could I be doing please?
    Is the idea of doing the CDs to practice getting into a calm meditative state?

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    It takes practice for most to be able to get into the right meditative mode in everyday life and when your in labour all the practice pays off. also the breathing is deep and slow, something else that takes time to get right.
    all these similar birthing styles are great

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    Just keep doing what you are doing, but maybe try sitting upright! I practiced by propping myself up with cushions on the couch and it was wonderful . The practice absolutely pays off and start using your techniques even in very early labour. It will all come together nicely.

    You'll be awesome

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    Another thing that we did was for DP to listen to the CD as well. He didn't listen as much as I did but he did it quite a bit. Then in labour he centred me with my breathing and relaxation. I found it was really a team effort and he was a big part of it.

    I also think that if you are listening and fall asleep on occasion that's O.K. The words are still going into your mind subconsciously and most of all you are in a relaxed state and doing the breathing as you fall asleep.

    The breathing is the key.

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    i reckon you are doing perfectly! i always fall asleep as well and have managed a great calmbirth aided birth!

    i also did a few sessions sitting up in a darkened room, so could try that?

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    I used to fall asleep constantly too when listening to my (hypnobirthing CD), though that was on my third go-round with hypnobirthing (DS3). I had another a great birth using hypnobirthing techniques. The "key" for me, was being able to "go" with the birth and keep my body completely relaxed while breathing effectively.

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    Calmbirth practice

    Thanks folks.
    I sat up to do a track on the cd yesterday and felt like I'd actually done some practice!
    Did you use a particular breath for the meditation practice? Or just relaxed breathing for the meditation and practiced the different breaths at other times of the day?