thread: what do you eat/ drink in labor?

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    what do you eat/ drink in labor?

    Im due to birth anyday now and we are looking to prepare some food and drinks to take to the birth centre to have during labor. They have a fridge and a microwave thy we can use.

    Apart from sugary lollies ( refined sugar doesn't agree with me) what do you like to eat and drink during labor to keep your strength and energy levels up?
    I'm thinking simple sandwiches that I Can freeze, chicken and veg soup...

    Any ideas?
    Thanks :-)

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    what do you eat/ drink in labor?

    I honestly had nothing but water. I didn't feel like eating and threw up with all three labours! However mine were quick labours so perhaps having a long labour you would feel like eating? I dunno! Sandwhiches sound like a good idea, maybe fruit as well...watermelon would be nice when you are hot and thirsty!

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    Nothing but ice chips. Labour progressed to very intense, very quickly for me, so all I could manage was drinking water and eating ice.

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    Nothing. Eating and drinking was the last thing on my mind.

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    Water, ice and sour lemon lollies. I packed heaps of snacks but couldn't bear the thought of them.

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    I wanted jam on toast but got a roast from the hospital, lol I was starving! I ate it but saw it again a few hours later at transition 8-)

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    I was vomity too. Just water and a little bit of staminade. Found a stash of food still in my labour bag when we came home from hospital as DH ate the meal that was delivered for me while in labour.

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    Another one who wasn't interested in food or drink, DH kept giving me water and I liked bitting down on a lollipop but that's it

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    Remember quick food for your support person too.

    i wasn't keen on eating either during labour but was hungry later. Cloudy apple juice was so refreshing though.

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    nothing here either, and I had both very quick and very long labours. My Dh nearly lost his head because he got worried about my lack of fluid intake and suggested I drink something one too many times! Definitely food/snacks/drinks for your other half though, but nothing crunchy. My DH had chips (as in crisps, not hot ones) when I was in active labour with Miss A and oh my the noise was doing my head in so he got yelled at for that too. Poor love.

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    I also didn't eat during labour, all I wanted was water with ice in it. I did pack snacks for dh like muesli bars and energy drinks, my labours were quick and in the early hours of the morning.

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    Nothing but ice and water for me too. That is all I could handle.

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    I had bottles of Gatorade, dried fruit and nut mix and everything that was in my fridge and pantry. However I only ended up sipping water as every contraction made me throw up

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    When I went into labour after my waters broke I wanted to eat normal food but they put me on a drip so was only alowed liquids and jelly!!!! Was not pleased I had packed heaps if food

    Thank goodness it was a quick labour

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    what do you eat/ drink in labor?

    Thanks guys.
    I thing ill pack some hydrolite and frozen fruit Juice icy poles and sandwiches. Also musli bars etc for DP and our Doula.

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    I had tea and hot buttery toast in labour with the twins, but like others said once things got established I wasn't much interested so I just had gatorade and simple sugars which are easier to digest than most other foods. Jelly is also good in labour, basically anything that won't sit in your stomach for ages.

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    my midwife advised me to have snackboxes with cut up strips of capscium, carrot, celery - that type of thing. And snacks for support people. i laid out a tray with all drink making stuff there on the counter for people to help themselves. I laboured at home for 29 hours - hardly ate anything - then ambulance and hospital on syntocin all that crap for another 7 hours - nothing there. I had champagne and strawberries for when the baby arrived, but that was at home in the fridge, and actually, when baby arrived, we were at the hospital.

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    Ice cold water through a straw and ice chips!