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Thread: Our perfect homebirth.

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    Default Our perfect homebirth.

    Planning a homebirth was so exciting, not just for me but for my kids too. We all set up the room together, we would read books, they were involved in the midwife appointments. Everything in the lead up was perfect. Then there was the birth, now that was better than perfect 
    On Monday the 25th I woke up in the early hours with lots of pre labour. It kept me awake but as the story so often goes, by sun up it was fading. Throughout the day I would get bouts of pre labour that kept me wanting to stay close to home. Just after midnight on the 27th I rolled over in bed and felt that familiar bubble down below followed by a gush. I then spent the next 12hours leaking like a tap with the odd contraction. I had let my midwife know and told her I would keep her updated.
    My Aunty had come over to help me with the DD2 and DS and DH had gone to work. By 4:30 I was getting some contractions but nothing regular. DH took the kids to DD1 netball training and I decided I would relax on the lounge. My contractions started on a nice regular pattern straight away. By 5:30 they were at 7minutes apart, I sms my midwife telling her I was going to get up and see how they progress.
    Straight away they were at 3minutes apart and beautifully strong enough to make me concentrate on my breathing. I let my midwife know and she said she was on her way. DH and kids came home and the excitement started when my DDs realised it was time. While I was waiting for the pool to fill I asked them what they thought bubs was, girls said girl DS yelled out ?A Cow?. I am glad he was definitely wrong
    DD2 was my shadow. She stood next to me during contractions, she would whisper, ?keep breathing?. Was lovely seeing a tender side of my little rough nut.
    Just after 6:30pm I got in the pool. What bliss. At first I laid back but found it really slowed things down moving onto my knees leaning over the edge was best for me. My midwife arrived around 7pm and got organised. She came in and had a quick listen and really, that was about all she needed to do. The kids came in a few times to check on how things were going but spent most of the time colouring in at the kitchen table.
    Luckily this labour was going very easily, very similar to my last two. Not long after Midwife had arrived I said to her, I am going to start pushing, I think I caught her by surprise. I am very quiet while labouring. I breathe through contractions. I had told her this but I don?t think she was expecting things to be at the stage it was when she arrived.
    I felt that urge to push, and had a feel down below and could feel bubs head so I started pushing. Ah that relief when the head is out. The kids and DH came in at this point. The kids were fascinated and they all had a look. In my next contraction I felt bubs turn but bubs was not ready to be pushed out. In the next contraction I got to do what I had wanted to with my other births, I reached down and pulled my baby up to me. DS was born at 7:24pm on Tuesday the 26th.
    It turned out the girls were wrong too and we had just welcomed our new son. Having my whole family right there at home to welcome DS was an amazing moment.
    Everything went just as I had hoped it would. A special thanks to ladybirdflies who gave me some encouragement when I has a little exhausted by the pre labour game .

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    Default Re: Our perfect homebirth.

    Congratulations on the beautiful & safe arrival of your little boy. Thank you for sharing the story of his birth xx

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    Default Re: Our perfect homebirth.

    Gorgeous story. I love the normality of kids going to netball and coming home to mum doing her thing.
    i loved reaching down and pulling my baby up too.

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    Default Re: Our perfect homebirth.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Our perfect homebirth.

    This is an absolutely beautiful birth story! You are so amazing how you accept things as they are and move through with such grace, and you birth proves that!! Well done Mama, I am thrilled you got to have such special birth at home... Lots of love to the tribe of 6!!

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