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Thread: Blood Pressure Creeping

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    Default Blood Pressure Creeping

    My blood pressure crept up last pregnancy and although it was never classified as high BP, it was considered borderline.

    I noticed last Ob appt it has gone up slightly, around the same time as last time. So in anticipation of it doing a similar thing this time and desperately wanting my VBAC I was wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions to try to keep it down?


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    rest, maintain a healthy diet,
    swim for excersize it will take the pressure off your body too


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    I also had high BP and was advised to stop work early as work caused me a lot of stress. Get lots of rest, drink lots of water and eat as healthy as possible. I was advised to try swimming as some gentle excercise and from 32 weeks I swam (very slow and gentle) nearly every day for the rest of my pg. I managed to get to full term although at around 32 weeks my OB thought that would be highly unlikely. My Ob advised the most important thing is to get lots of rest and some gentle excercise and avoid stressful situations where possible.

    Good luck

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    I had acupuncture to keep mine in check. Throughout my PG I was constantly borderline, not high that it was concerning but not normal either.

    In the end it spiked just shy of 38 weeks and I was induced to deliver vaginally but I'm sure that the acupuncture helped keep it borderline until I was full term. I also the second the gentle exercise.

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