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Thread: HELP!!! OB prescribed BP meds - concerned about taking them

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    Default HELP!!! OB prescribed BP meds - concerned about taking them

    My BP is still not ideally what my OB would like to see it as, its not super duper high but its a def worry for us as it is genetic. My OB prescribed Presolol twice a day to see if we can lower it a bit but Im concerned about the possible side effects of taking it, as well as the fact that the information leaflet given to me with the meds states that a) you cant breastfeed if you are taking it and b) that you have to wean off it slowly in order to avoid possible heart complications which means if Im on it until the birth, which could be 4 weeks away, then I wont be able to breastfeed bub when he is born as it will still be in my system.

    I dont understand why he would prescribe something like this when Im 37wks and could be induced if my BP is that much of a worry???

    I dont want to be forced into not breastfeeding because of these drugs.

    Can anyone shed some light on these drugs and my options?

    I'd rather be induced in the next week than suffer complications because of them.

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    If you werent "full term" i would say take them. But considering you are over 37 wks this is something i would be going back to see your OB about and talking through all the options with him. I wouldnt ring him, i would see if you can get in to see him asap as over the phone it is harder to state your case and get your points across.

    Good luck

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    Definitely ask about it. I was given labetalol in the hospital and I was never told to not breastfeed with it, maybe this would be an option for you. If your BP can be controlled with meds I would take that option rather than be induced. Jonah was born at 37 weeks 5 days and I wish he'd been in there a bit longer, but he had to come out as my BP was SUPER high with PE.

    But yes there are meds you can take whilst pregnant and breastfeeding so definitely talk to him about them and the sooner the better too.

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    How are you going Anna? Have you managed to have a chat with your OB again?

    I was on Aldomet right before and in the few days after Kynan was born and I was able to breastfeed.

    All the best.

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    I rang OB this morning and got a lecture about trusting his judgement and that its for my own wellbeing that I take these stupid tablets. He promised me no problems whatsoever so if I do get any I'll be suing So I took the stupid thing. Im going to push for an induction on Monday at my next appointment though, I just dont think these tablets are going to make any freakin difference.

    I can just see this ending up in a caesar

    Off to go wandering around the shops with Dh, hopefully I'll go into labour and this will all be for nothing.

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    kirsty Guest


    Anna I hope all goes well for you, like Angel I was on & have been on Aldomet during pregnancy & afterwards & I managed to BF(well express for him anyway with him being premmie) him quite successfully.

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    Anna I just relised Im on the same meds as you but its now 4 times a day i have appt with ob at the hospital tomorrow will have to say something. Surely they wouldnt put us on them if it wasnt safe i guess!
    Hows your BP going is the meds working for you? they arent really doing much for me lowering it a bit but its still not normal but they wont induce me for some reason

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    Hi there AnnaT,

    One thing you should understand with regards to medications and breastfeeding is that all pharmaceutical companies will recommend that you do not breastfeed while taking them if any of the drug or any of its byproducts can be detected in breastmilk during trials, even if the byproducts that are detected are not harmful to the baby.

    As a result, nearly every single drug that is available recommends that you do not breastfeed while taking it.

    Back in 2001, a paper was published in the Amercian Academy of Family Physicians reviewing a number of commonly used drugs and their effect on breastfeeding. I quote from that:

    Propranolol, metoprolol and labetalol are safe to use while breast-feeding even if the infant is compromised.
    Presolol is the trade name for labetolol. The entire paper can be found at: [url][/url]

    As a result, I would suspect that there is sufficient evidence to continue using Presolol during breastfeeding without any fears of causing harm to your baby, despite the manufacturers over-zealous precautions.



    (Please note - I am a nurse, not a medical officer, so this advice should be considered withn that in mind, and if you have any further queries I strongly suggest you take them up with your obstetrician, please don't sue me, etc. etc. :-D)

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    The Royal Women's Hospital here in Melb has a really good drug information line that I've rung a couple of times to check things about some meds I'm on. You get to talk to pharmacists who only deal with issues around drugs and pregnancy, BF etc and they are the most up to date with the latest research etc. They've been really helpful and supportive. Maybe the women's hosp in Perth has a similar service?? If not, it might be worth a few $ to call the RWH here in Melb to ease your mind. I'll find the direct number if you like.

    Your OB needs a good slapping for making you feel like this!!

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    Hi Anna
    A few weeks ago I was told I had PE and needed to be induced, much to my disbelief, as even tho I had all the symptoms of PE I felt fine, and all fetal monitoring showed my baby was doing great. I was put on labetalol 100 mg twice a day to reduce my steadily increasing BP, and a few days later I was induced at 37 weeks + 4 days. The labor and birth went really well and we are the proud parents of gorgeous Jack. In the days that followed my BP stayed high so I was upped to 200 mg twice a day. Like you I was concerned about it affecting my BF, and I hate taking meds of any kind anyway. I read the same pamphlet you did and was horrified and confused - why would I be prescribed it? I kicked up a fuss and questioned the doctor, a range of midwives, and called my husbands aunt who is a midwife and much trusted confidante. All the answers were the same: labetalol IS safe to take during pregnancy and BF, and it is widely given to mums with PE. Manufacturers err on the side of caution when it comes to the information they provide, to reduce their risk of legal liability. I guess this is why at the end of the pamphlet it states "discuss this with your doctor", as they are in the best position to weigh up the risks. Incidently, your OB should have respected and validated your concerns. Get a second opinion to put your mind at ease. Taking meds when you don't actually FEEL sick is weird I know, but think of what its avoiding in the long run. This has helped me remember to take mine!
    All the best for the 26th!

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