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Thread: Low blood pressure at 23 weeks

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    Default Low blood pressure at 23 weeks

    Hi all,
    Last week I was told for the first time that I have low blood pressure.
    The OB said that it's quite common in pregnancy & there wasn't really anything I could do for it, just try to stop "rushing"...

    I am still working full time and trying to stay as fit as possible.

    Last night however, DH and I had a big row & ended up sleeping in different rooms.
    I cried and cried as pregnant women tend to do and today feel very tired and out of sorts.

    Just sitting here typing I am feeling light headed and woozy, could this be my BP or just emotional exhaustion?

    Anyone else have low BP? Ideas on how to stay active safely?

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    Yes theres not a whole lot u can do about low bp unfortunately, other than not standing up too fast from sitting or laying, drinking more water and not standing for long periods of time.

    How much did u sleep last night considering u had alot bothering you im sure? Its probably a mix of being tired and emotionally exhausted.

    I hope things resolve themselves with ur DH soon.

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    I slept like a log at first, crying will do that, but woke way too early!
    I have dived into the sugar a bit today, which is helping, but don't want to over do it either!
    Half way thru my working day, will have an early night tonight I think.
    Many thanks.

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