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thread: Breastfeeding Chatter #16

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    Dec 2007
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    DD has started really clamping down, I dont want to say bitting cause she doesnt have teeth, but man she has hard sharp gums =( it hurts!!!!!!! im so dreading the teeth =(

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    Jan 2011

    Mine does the same! Especially when she is just playing around on there... Cheeky things!

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    T, if you teach her not to do that now you may never have the issue when she gets teeth. That's how it worked with DD1 - clamp without teeth made me yelp! Addressed it pretty quickly and teeth were never an issue.

    I've only been chomped by DD2 when she's finished and I've persisted with offering. As long as I don't offer, no issue.

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    how do i let her know i dont want her to do it?
    i havent noticed a pattern yet..like is it cause she is full? or playing? or wanting the other side? im trying to work it out.

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    Watch her closely and be ready for teh 'tell' - there's usually a sign that they're about to do it. When you figure it out, you can take her straight off before she clamps. They have to actually unlatch to clamp down.
    You can tell her biting means no milk, or some such, and put her down. At this age it is often a sign that they're done, anyway.

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    T, my DS did that too and with the cheekiest grin! I use to just say No firmly and if he did it a second time I would put him down either obthe bed or couch depending where we were feeding.

    Since his teeth have come in we have had a few instances of biting (I'd say more nibbling lol it's not super painful.. No where near as bed as I thought!) and I just do the same thing and gets the idea straight away now.

    Like Jen - its if I'm watching tv or not paying attention and he is finished and I try and feed him again he does it. U can tell when he is finished cuz he tries to sit up... So I just need to watch for that and we don't get bitten!

    Just remember to ease them off with ur pinky or watever cuz pulling off will def hurt more... Hard to do I know! My first reaction was always argh get off! And pull back lol
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    Had same problem with DS, did the same as others. We did the no with a deep voice, and if he continues put him down. And since he's had teeth not as much of a problem. Plus I can tell the signs when he's about to bite down. He unlatches, and normally does a little smirk, so I can warn him before he does it.

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    New thread time chatterboxes!!

    You'll find it here.

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