thread: Colostrum Question - Is this weird?

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    Apr 2009

    Colostrum Question - Is this weird?

    I'm coming to the end of my second pregnancy and I've found that I'm producing a bit more colostrum now. I've started squeezing it out and putting it on my 2 year olds sippy cup spout or bottle teat. It's tasteless and he doesn't seem to notice. I figure it's only going to give him good things but I feel a bit weird doing it.

    Is there any point doing this for such a little amount? He probably gets a max of 1 tsp a day. I will be expressing breastmilk once I start BFing #2 and giving it to DS once a day.

    Thanks for your feedback

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    Well, I don't suppose there's any harm in it? Maybe give the ABA a call?

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    Jan 2011
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    No harm at all. Colostrum is a super food - designed to be had in small amounts, so it may actually be doing him alot of good.

    Colostrum has a laxative effect (though maybe in this way, not so much), so you may notice a change in his poos...but it is no harm.

    I think you are doing a very lovely thing. Not weird at all.

    xoxo happy birthing! XOXXO

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    Nope I don't think it's wierd at all, i gave ds1 expressed milk after ds2 was born and have offered ds1 and ds2 expressed milk since my twins were born but they've said no and i haven't made them... my husband and i have both tried our milk....just a taste not like on a bowl full of cereal hehe with all our babies so why not give it to your ds??

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    Apr 2009

    Thanks ladies!

    DS has a bit of constipation at the moment so maybe the laxative effect might help?

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    Im bf my nearly 2 yo, and my colostrum is giving her a nice 'bowel clean' haha!

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    another thing you could do is freeze some of it for your little one after its born. start ahead, and if something happens and for some reason you can bf straight away you know you have it there as a back up.

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    I just expressed it by hand and either used it to moisturise my nipples and get them ready, or to give to DS1

    It's all good

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    Sep 2007

    DS used to steal my little bits of DD's frozen EBM from the freezer & eat it with a spoon... So I don't think its wierd! My mum thought it a bit odd though

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    Apr 2009

    Thanks ladies..

    I'm getting about a tsp at a time at this stage, but I'm hoping that I start producing a bit more as the pregnancy comes to a close. I'm 35 weeks so I figure this is normal.

    DS actually really loves his "medicine" when I give it to him... also, he's got a runny nose/cold at the moment and I swear the colostrum is helping him get over it..

    Also, his poops are Awesome! hehehe