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Thread: Food for fun until they're one, what happens after?

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    Default Food for fun until they're one, what happens after?

    Wondering what I need to change in our routine now that food needs to start becoming more of a priority over a bottle?

    At the moment DD has a bottle overnight when she wakes and one as 'breakfast', although if she wakes later than 4am then I will give her a proper breakfast after she wakes up for the day. Then a morning snack around 10/10.30 and maybe something else before she goes to bed at 12 (or sometimes she will get a bottle before bed, mostly she gets it once she wakes up from her sleep). Either a bottle or lunch at 1 or 2pm depending on when she wakes up from her sleep, then afternoon tea later on, dinner and a bottle before bed.

    It's mostly breakfast time I'm wondering about, should I be giving her cereal/toast etc first thing of a morning instead of her bottle now? Or try giving her milk with her breakfast in a sippy cup?

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    if it were me i'd be trying to give her both.
    as soon as she wakes give her toast or cereal and milk in a sippy cup if she'll take it, then a bottle after if she wants it.
    She doesnt have an excessive amount of bottles in her day, and milk is still so so important for growing kids. so dont stress about cutting them out
    And dnt worry abouot what the MCHN says about not needing bottles after 12 months, if it works for u then keep doing it. DD1 was still having bottles at 2 because it was apart of her routine.

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    I agree with Skybie, give cereal/toast etc for breakfast and just pop some milk in a sippy cup or sometimes even a 'big girls cup' if she wants to give that a try then ocne she's finished if she seems to want a bottle then go for it.

    With lunch i used to give DD1 her lunch, sandwich, fruit, yoghurt etc then 30min to an hour later she could have her bottle if she wanted it, she would have water with lunch though, she was doing this from a little before 12mths.

    After 12mths DD herself decided no more bottles, she wouldn't take them after breakfast and when offered at night she refused so in the end we made up her dairy requirements through milk with breakfast and plenty of yoghurt and cheese etc.

    She will do what she wants in her own time, if that means she has bottles til 2 or after then so be it, just do it at your pace and find what works.. GL

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    Hi SS!
    J is bf when at home and cows milk bottles at crèche… here’s what we do…

    He has a bf around 5am (whenever he wakes then)
    Breakfast (raisin toast and yoghurt usually) around 7-7.30 with the family (he usually eats but sometimes not very much, sometimes heaps)
    Morning tea around 9.30/10 if at crèche (fruit, pikelets, toast, muffins)
    Lunch after morning sleep – around 11.30/12 – leftovers, pasta, risotto, sandwich
    Bottle of cows milk after afternoon sleep (or bf)
    Sandwich or fruit as a snack around 4
    Dinner at 5.30 (he now eats the same as DS1 really)
    BF before bed

    Sometimes he has 2 bottles at crèche (not very often as he wont usually drink much of either if they offer 2) and sometimes if I am around he has more BF during the day… in fact on weekends and Monday when ia m with him he prob has more bf…

    I was at the paediatrician last week and she recommended that I cut out the day BF/bottles (which is why we are going to 1) – this is bc he has moved down the growth charts a bit and she wants to see if he takes more solids… to be honest he does have more solids now (but this is for the situation we have been in) and he is thriving on it. I have also recently cut night feeds which has helped a lot with his eating (and his sleep)…The paed recommended around 500ml bm/cows milk per day. She said some smaller babies fill up on milk and then don’t eat which is why she wanted me to cut back, but if H is eating well don’t worry…

    He drinks a lot of water in the day too….

    I think you will work out what’s best for her, and they are only just 1… so it isn’t worth stressing over… but as the others have said you can see if she will eat THEN have bottle (as opposed to the other way around) and when she is eating a lot you can cut them back if it works. If she uses a sippy/straw cup you can also replace some of her day feeds with milk from there (J loves a straw!!)

    It’s exciting moving on to new stages!!!

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