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    Formula Reaction

    My 4 month old is breastfed. His grand parents have had to look after him three times. Every time, I have expressed enough milk, but he wont drink it from a bottle (I have tried the 2 different avent bottles and closer to nature). He will drink formula fine from a bottle. The only problem, is that two out of the three times he has had formula, he has spewed up his entire stomach contents plus bile (the first time he had formula, he drunk several bottles over a 24 hour period and was fine). He goes really limp and just wants to sleep. I picked him up both times and took him straight to hospital. The first time it happened, the dr said he just had too much to drink as he didn't know he was full. The second time he only had 20ml and the same thing happened. I know I need to go see a dr, but living in a small country town, its a bit hard to get in. Has this happened to anyone where their baby's belly doesn't agree with formula? What did you try instead?

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    Re: Formula Reaction

    Yup. I tried no formula. It worked. I did use a cup rather than a bottle too, maybe that would help him drink the ebm? Or would he have water, which not great but better than nothing.

    Later, he had goat milk instead of cow as cow milk products made his tummy hurt and eczema worse.

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    Re: Formula Reaction

    That doesn't sound good. Lots of babies have issues with formula, to a greater or lesser extent. Do you or your partner have any allergies or intolerances? You could ask your pharmacist or other health professional for advice on different formula types. It is better to get some advice rather than chopping and changing lots.
    Have you tried a sippy cup with the EBM at all? You can also cup feed.
    Hope you can figure something out

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    Re: Formula Reaction

    Hi, I think there is fairly strong evidence that your little one is allergic to dairy. I think you need to avoid giving formula. With some calm persistence I think he will learn to accept EBM - he associated it as coming from the breast at the moment. Have you looked into dairy allergy at all? Spewing so violently after a bottle is a pretty major thing, and coupled with eczema itís a clear symptom